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Worldwide Youth
Taking Over The World

Worldwide Youth is a clothing brand that first stepped onto the underground streetwear scene in 2018 and in less than two years has become one of the biggest upcoming names in the game. We spoke with the founder Dylan about his journey through the second half of 2019 that included touring across the US and Europe with Lil Tecca and releasing highly coveted collections in collaboration with his friends at Hard Jewelry, Half Evil, and Ransom. In addition, we also spoke with Dylan about the upcoming Worldwide Youth collection scheduled to drop in March, future collaborations with Absent, and his plans to make 2020 another year of success, growth, and happiness.

How was the "We Love You Tecca" tour?

Dylan: It was crazy. The way that actually came about was really random. I’ve been homies with Tecca and sending them clothes for a while now. I did the first online merch drop for Tecca which went really well and exceeded all our expectations. But randomly I knew his tour was coming up in October and I remember hitting up his manager Giuseppe 2-3 weeks before it was going to happen asking if he wanted to do merch. He never got back to me and then randomly like two days before the tour was going to happen I posted something on my story about the first Tecca merch we did and right after Giuseppe replied and said that we should get merch done and that I should come along for the tour. At this point I’d been to Chicago, I grew up in New York and I’d lived in California but I’d never been on tour before so of course I was down. It was nighttime when he sent me that and I knew I had to get it locked in quickly since there was only two days until the tour so I started plotting. I came up with design ideas, sent it to homies to get it cracking and within the span of a day I stayed up for 20 hours and got everything designed. Obviously it wasn’t for my own brand so I had to get management to approve the designs and make sure that Tecca liked it. Everything got approved and I remember it was October 26th, and right at this time my homie Kamryn who works on the brand with me was flying in from Canada to where I live in Florida. He flew in thinking he was coming to do work for WWY and right when he landed I was told him that we were actually going on tour. Literally the day of the tour we had to fly to Seattle from Florida. It was a crazy experience, we left on the 26th of October on the same day that I had my Halloween collection drop for WWY at 7 PM. The drop sold out which was awesome and right after that we had to hop on a plane to get to Seattle. At this point we didn’t even know what to expect, we were just excited to go but had no idea what being on tour entails.

When we landed in Seattle we saw Tecca and linked up with him, Giuseppe, and his bodyguard Andrew. We had the first show which was crazy and from then on every day we were driving in the tour bus to another location. It was fun but definitely stressful because when you’re on tour your life becomes a box. All you’re thinking about is when you’re going to get your next shower, clean socks and toothpaste. That becomes your life and you start to lose your mind since you have a show at 7 PM which ends around 11 and then you drive through the night to the next city, get there at 4 PM, setup and then have the next show again at 7 PM. We were barely sleeping on the road every day, it was crazy. It was definitely a wild experience and I’m very grateful that I went on it and even got to go overseas. We hit six different countries in five days, Spain, Ireland, London, Paris, Germany, and another that I can’t think of right now. It was a crazy experience and I had a great time. I made a lot of new friends and got closer with Tecca and Giuseppe. It’s all about real connections, but the hardest part was having to setup merch every night. On tour you’re living a crazy lifestyle. Imagine being a normal person going to a show every night to have fun but also work. So every night I’d have to communicate with the manufacturer to ship a certain amount of merch to every show. It was a stressful ass situation but also a great time, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What was your role on tour every day?

Dylan: Every night my friend Kamryn and I had the role of selling the merch. Most nights either I would sell it and he would go fuck around or he’d be selling it and I’d go do something. Tecca has done so much for my brand so the main reason I went on tour was to help repay him. I felt like I repaid him with the online merch drop since I didn’t take any profit from it. They wanted to pay me but I wanted to do it as a way to repay them, they made a fuck ton of money and I was grateful to help make it happen. It felt right in my heart that I was repaying them. I was on food stamps a year ago and seeing Tecca support what I’m doing and help me blow up has been amazing. He gave me a lot of opportunities and going on tour was enough, I didn’t want to be paid. Everything in my life is so spontaneous and random. I never wanted to start a clothing brand to begin with and I never thought I’d be doing this, I really just stumbled into it. If you keep a forward mindset in life and good people around you who are striving to do something positive everything will eventually fall into place. Just deploy self awareness and be positive.

How long were you on tour?

Dylan: Off the top of my head I can’t even say how long it was because the whole thing felt like a blur but I think it was a little over a month. We hit all the major states in the US and then went to Europe for a week and London for a day so it was probably a little over a month.

What was your favorite part about the tour?

Dylan: I’ll tell you my favorite city and then one crazy experience that I probably shouldn’t share but I don’t really care. My favorite place we went to was Amsterdam, and at the time I was dating this girl who lived there that I met on IG. I was dating her and we really liked each other so getting to see her was fire. Besides that I don’t really know.

There were lots of crazy experiences on tour, but I’ll share one thing I can think of that people would find funny. I didn’t even tell anyone about this, the only person who knows about it is Kamryn who was with me. I think this was during the second show we were chilling at the merch booth and these two girls came up to us and we started chatting and whatever. Tour is extremely unorganized so Kamryn and I were trying to figure out where we were going to take these girls. We were trying to figure that out when my boy Maddie who was on tour with us randomly comes up to me and hands me a hotel key card. It was so disorganized, so out of whack, and he just gave me a hotel keycard without saying what hotel it was for or what room. At that point the show ended and we eventually figured out which hotel it was and where the room was located. So we brought the girls up to the room and I put the keycard in and open the door, and we go in and see two beds with someone's stuff already there and I realized it was Tecca's room. I looked at Kamryn and the next thing we knew the girls were freaking out and started taking stuff out of Tecca’s suitcase. One of the girls was trying to put on Tecca's Gucci jacket to take a picture. After trying to get her to delete it I finally I called Giuseppe and told him that we had the wrong keycard. After a while we finally ended up getting in a room and the night was good. That was one crazy thing. Another cool thing that happened that wasn’t that crazy was when we were in London they gave us Tecca’s plaque since he went platinum or gold in the UK. We were a weird crew traveling with this plaque since we were with a bodyguard that’s fully tatted head to toe, then there’s Tecca and then Kamryn and I. We were traveling in the airport with the platinum plaque that London gave us and all the flight attendants started taking pictures since they thought it was so cool having an artist there. Another random lady had a son who was a fan and started taking pictures as well. It was a great experience all around, like I said I’m extremely grateful for it.

It seemed like you had to be very much focused on your work there and put WWY to the side while you were on tour, did you miss working on the brand?

Dylan: Yeah I definitely did put the brand to the side while we were on tour. It wasn’t really something that I wanted to do but it just happened. It kind of messed things up for me too because before we left I had that big drop and my main communication with the manufacturer during that time was getting clothes for tour so we lost touch on the Halloween drop. Lots of things got screwed up and things didn’t get shipped on time but it is what it is. We all learn from our mistakes and now I’m doing pre-made drops with a new manufacturer to avoid that problem in the future.

How has it felt being able to come back and focus 100% of your time on the brand?

Dylan: When I got back it was weird. I was just getting clocked back into life and the normal stream of things but being home didn’t last too long. I can’t remember where I had to go but like two days after the tour finished I had to catch a flight to this other show that we were doing in Lake Tahoe. That’s sort of been my life ever since, it’s just been traveling. I went to LA after that for Rolling Loud and then went to Chicago a couple times to work on stuff there. I just got back from Atlanta where I was supporting my boy Parker’s pop up. Honestly, the biggest thing is being able to adjust to travel and work. At first being on tour it was hard to focus on doing work and traveling, but now I’m able to be as efficient as I am working at home when I’m on the road, whether it’s in a hotel or Airbnb. Just locking in on the laptop and communicating with manufacturers. Right now I feel extremely motivated for the future. I’m working on a huge project that I haven’t told anyone about yet. I don’t know if I’ll ever announce it, I might just do it and not tell anyone. But the brand has been moving smoothly now that we have a new manufacturer and two cool little things have happened recently. My boy CP who’s an artist for Lyrical Lemonade wore a WWY hoodie in the commercial that’s going to air for their collaboration with Jordan. Tecca also went to Lake Tahoe and wore my hoodie in an MTV interview that’s going to air on live TV so I’m super excited about that as well. Right now I’m super motivated and super grateful for all my experiences. I’m motivated to get back into the groove of things since I have my next 5 or 6 drops fully planned out. I’m also planning on doing a pop up in Miami this year, it might be an Absent collab with Parker or just my own stuff, we haven’t quite decided yet. I’m locked in working with new designers and feeling very blessed.

Where did you come up with the idea for your full-zip skeleton hoodie?

Dylan: I can’t remember exactly what the initial idea was for, but I designed it with my boy Enrike who runs Enchanted Armour and Vira with his girlfriend. I’ve worked with him a lot over the past few months, he’s a great person to work with and extremely talented with what he does. I’m excited to see where he goes this year. But with that we wanted to do a full-zip hoodie with a loud design. He had the idea to do the bones and we decided that we were going to ice it out with WWY text on the back. I think the piece is hard but I’m not super proud of it, it’s not one of my favorite pieces since a lot of people have made full-zip hoodies. But it's still fire and people fuck with it, and that’s actually the same piece that CP is wearing in the Jordan commercial. It’s a dope piece and I’m glad we got to make it.

How was it working with Will on the HJ collab and getting to make the first WWY jewelry piece?

Dylan: Working with Will was awesome. I introduced you guys back in the summer and as you know Will is an extremely genuine person. There’s really no limit for him because of who he is as a person and how self aware he is. He really doesn’t care about what people think of him and I really think he’s going to take over and become one of the biggest brands. I know he went through a lot in 2019, rest in peace to his mother, but that didn’t stop him. He’s such a selfless person who really does this for his supporters and I think the reason why he wins is because of his love and understanding of his audience. When we worked on that collab everything he did was for his supporters. He would say this needed to be different for the supporters or price this lower to make sure that everyone can get it. I was super stoked to work on that collab with him because we both make a lot of content so our brands mesh very well. We both made as much content as we wanted and it went perfectly. I got cool placements too, Tecca wore something from the collab and I few to Chicago and did a photoshoot with Parker, George, and Oli. All my friends got to be a part of it which made me super stoked. That was one of the most fun drops I got to have as far as designing and marketing goes.

Should we expect to see more jewelry releases from you in the future?

Dylan: I haven’t really thought about it. The piece we made with Will and Hard Jewelry was dope, I liked it a lot but I haven’t thought about doing anything else yet. If I do more jewelry it’ll probably be with a collab with an established jewelry brand. I don’t want to make my own piece unless I start my own jewelry line. I never even got to feel that jewelry we made with HJ or see it in person. The only time I got to touch the piece or feel it was on tour when some kid came up to me wearing it and I asked him to feel it. It was a quality piece for sure. I might make more jewelry in the future but that’s not what I’m focused on right now.

How was it finally getting to work with Sam and Half Evil?

Dylan: It was dope. Out of the three collabs I did last year with Hard Jewelry, Half Evil and Ransom, my favorite was definitely Half Evil. I felt like all the pieces flowed so well together and we had three really dope accessories as well. We made an umbrella and I thought that design was crazy along with a pocket knife and lighter. Everything flowed well. Sam’s been my homie for a while too, he was the first person to embrace me in this industry and reach out to me. It’s funny how we met, Sam had DM’d me before I knew about Half Evil saying “yo” but I never even saw it. After I started following Half Evil for a while I went to swipe up on his story to say I fucked with him and I saw that he had already DM’d me. From then on it was my goal to collab with him. We talked about it here and there but it never really happened until I ended up flying out to Chicago where we designed everything. We designed it and then dropped it a few months later and did the pop up on Black Friday where I got to meet people who support the brand which was a great experience.

What makes you want to collab with another brand or designer in general?

Dylan: I love working with my friends and being able to work with people that I like. I’m more inclined to work with a brand that has an owner that I get inspired by personally versus a brand that just wants to make a bag. I’m more excited to work with Parker and Absent than a huge designer brand just because Parker inspires me a lot and he’s a super creative person. He and Unathletic are great people to work with. It really just comes down to who’s operating the brand. It’s crazy because all the connections and friendships I have are because we’re all friends making clothes or music and it’s our job. I’m super grateful to be in the position that I am to do what I love and make money from it as well as have my best friends working alongside me doing the same shit. It’s super humbling and I’m very grateful to be able to work with those kinds of people. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the opportunity that we have, and not just me personally but everyone now with how crazy the internet is and the opportunities that it creates. Whether you’re making clothes or making music, try to be on IG and connect with likeminded people and try to build something you’re passionate about. I started by reselling Supreme and Bape and eventually stumbled into making a brand. That’s what I mean when I talk about having a forward, positive mindset. If you’re doing something positive you might just stumble into something you like doing.

Do you think your design style has changed in the last 6 months?

Dylan: Yeah I would say it’s advanced and it’s still developing. WWY isn’t even two years old and I’m still developing where I want to take it. I have a collection planned soon that’s totally different from anything I’ve ever done. It’s going to get people talking, people are either going to think it’s whack or love it. I don’t feel like I have an exact style, I just make things that my friends and I think are cool.

What was your favorite piece you released in 2019?

Dylan: My favorite thing we dropped is probably the stuff from the Half Evil collab. I really like the accessories we did, they were super clean especially the umbrella. It’s either that or the HJ shorts, those were super fire and they look crazy in person.

What was the craziest piece you released in 2019?

Dylan: I think the craziest thing I released design wise was either the plush that I dropped or the puffer jacket. The puffer was crazy just because traditional puffers aren’t necessary that vibrant, but the puffer jacket that I dropped was insane. I’ll say for sure that the stuff I’m about to drop in March is the craziest shit I’ve ever dropped. Not even design wise, it’s just different than anything I’ve done before.

I know you’ve teased the Absent x WWY collab, what should we expect to see from that?

Dylan: Parker and I have been working on that for a couple months now. Our collab is focused solely on cut and sew pieces. It’ll be a full cut and sew drop with dyed crewnecks that have Parkers rhinestone stuff with the WWY flare added to it. It’s all going to be cut and sew and then there will be one tech deck design that’ll be crazy.

When is that releasing?

Dylan: It’ll probably drop in March or April but it might even be later into the year. We haven’t decided when it’s going to drop but we have a few things being sampled right now. I’m going to send those to the influencer friends we have so you might start seeing the Absent collab pop up with people posting it.

What was the inspiration behind the three headed snowglobe tee you recently previewed?

Dylan: That’s going to be part of the March drop. I’m getting the sample for that soon so I’m excited to see how it turns out. The other jersey that I teased isn’t going to be part of the drop but I might release that later on.

Are you planning on releasing WWY rugs as part of that drop as well?

Dylan: Yeah those will be part of the drop in limited, pre-made quantities. The reason I’m doing that is because I haven’t been super happy with how the shipping went with the last few drops. I want one drop where I know people will get their purchases fast and everyone will be happy. Everything is going to be pre-made with the new manufacturer.

Where did you get the idea to design WWY Tech Decks?

Dylan: The tech deck design that I originally posted isn’t going to drop, that was just a teaser. But I’m going to be dropping a tech deck with Parker that includes a deck and a full ramp set. It’s going to be crazy. Parker came up with that idea, we were plotting and knew we wanted to do some crazy accessories and he said we should do a tech deck and from there we started working on it. We haven’t finished the design for it yet but it’s going to come out fire.

Who or what has been inspiring you recently?

Dylan: Traveling with my friends has been a big inspiration recently. One of the main things has been Parker and what he’s doing with Absent. He just hired his homie Shai who’s now his intern and manager and that inspires me. My boy Kamryn is from Canada and we’re trying to get him a work visa so that he can work with me in the states full time and do what Parker is doing with Shai. But seeing how Parker works and being a part of Parkers pop up with Jebidiyah Ryder was super fire. Seeing how they work is amazing. But I’d say for sure what’s inspiring me right now is Parker with Absent. Also just traveling with Tecca and seeing how he moves. Tecca is a great person to be around, you can learn a lot from him. He’s very protective of his energy and that’s mainly why he isn’t doing features with random rappers. He doesn’t want to do things that fuck up his energy or his mental. So I’ve been learning from him and my other music friends. I'm trying to do more in the music industry and work with more artists since I now work for a record label selling merch. It’s a great feeling to be inspired by the people you work with every day.

Are there any other garments, mediums, or accessories you want to experiment with this year?

Dylan: I’m definitely excited to do more accessories. The tech deck is something I’m super excited about. I’m planning on getting my homie Diego who runs Vital Studios to make a Tony Hawk Pro Skater type video of a kid skating the ramp set to promote the tech deck. More than anything I really just want to do fun things. All of us brand owners have the power to make any design we want, but one thing I see with all brand owners is that it’s the most fun to experiment with random shit. Parker just dropped frogs with Blazzy and that’s the most fun thing to do. People follow us for clothes though and we make way less money off of accessories but it gets people talking.

Who are some of your favorite up and coming brands and designers that we should be paying attention to?

Dylan: Definitely Enchanted Armour, my boy Enrike runs that and Vira with his girlfriend. Also, Vital Studios and Unwanted Collection. They’ve been on the come up for sure. I’d say you’re going to see a lot from those three this year, especially Vital Studios. Diego is one of my good friends and I believe in him a lot. I feel like he’s similar to me because when I started I wasn’t making crazy shit or fire designs but I was putting in the work and that’s what I feel like people forget. When you start a brand and create an IG for it you’re creating a business. You have to put different things in different places and there’s so much more that goes into it than just the clothes. So definitely look out for Diego and Vital Studios, he’s a genuine guy and I believe in him for who he is as a person. I think the thing I told him is that I want to collab with him, but I told him that you have to promise me that when you’re up and making money you'll help someone else that’s smaller than you. That’s what I genuinely believe in and that’s what it’s all about. We can make as much money as we want, but developing relationships is what it’s about.

The reason I’m happy is because I’ve been able to develop close relationships with my friends making clothes. At the end of the day it’s really just about happiness. One of my happiest moments in life was being broke as fuck trying to provide for my mom when we were living in a shitty apartment. But the reason I was so happy was because I was working towards something that I knew would be great. We were on food stamps and my mom was injured and couldn’t work, but I was so happy because I knew it would work and I could see it starting to happen. It’s just about knowing what makes you happy, if you’re self aware and know what you’re good at you can win in life. Don’t start a brand just because you think it’s cool, start it because you have a love for clothes and a love for business and everything else that comes with it. There’s people who make 30k a year working at Walmart that are some of the happiest people in the world. I don’t do this for money, I do this because it makes me happy. I love working towards new things.

What should we expect to see next from WWY?

Dylan: Look out for the new collection dropping in March. Like I said it’s going to be some weird shit, people are either going to think it’s whack or think I snapped. Also look out for the pop up I’m planning and more random placements on rappers. I’m sampling the stuff I’m dropping this year so you might see a piece on Tecca tomorrow that might not drop for five months. Just look out for a crazy collection, the pop up and more random stuff.

Where do you want the brand to be when we’re talking again a year from now?

Dylan: To be honest, with WWY I’m not really sure where I want it to be next year. I want it to be in a place where I’m able to create content every day and provide content for people watching and have more of an interactive fanbase similar to what Will does with HJ. It’s hard to replicate what Will does but he can do it because he’s talented and self aware. He doesn’t give a fuck what people say about him. Some people will think for an hour before posting something on IG. Will posts a million things a day and I don’t think he thinks twice about it, and his brand is proof that it works. So creating more content and interacting with people is what makes me happy. No set goals for followers or money, happiness is what drives me and making cool things with people that I like. The main thing that makes me happy is progressing and doing new things, so I want to see the brand double or triple in size and have more content creation. No issues with shipping or anything like that, just good energy.

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