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Meet The Plug

WEBPLUG is a clothing brand based out of Atlanta that's become a reliable plug for some of the hardest garments out right now. We spoke with the founder Kameron about his passion for photography and film, and how he decided to channel his creativity into clothing in late 2016 by starting webplug. In addition, we also spoke about working with Jon Psycho on visuals for the "We All Sin" release earlier this year, the upcoming fall/winter collection, and his plans to continue plugging unique garments while branching out to other creative mediums and endeavors.

Where are you from?

Kameron: I’m from outside of Atlanta.

Have you been there your whole life?

Kameron: Yeah, born and raised.

When did you start webplug?

Kameron: I started it in high school at the end of 2016 or in early 2017. When I got out of high school I took it more seriously. I tried to balance it with photography and filming which are my two other passions, but then I decided to go all in on it.

Where does the name come from?

Kameron: I came up with the name because web is the internet and plug is distribution, so when selling clothes online it just made sense.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Kameron: Originally I wanted to do film, but the people I was around didn’t think that was the move so I decided to use my creativity on something else. I ended up on clothes. I’ve always liked fashion and graphic design always came easy to me.

Were you always into fashion and art growing up?

Kameron: I mean not necessarily because I couldn't always get the stuff I wanted. But as far as making what I wanted, I’d bleach clothes when I was younger and try to sew and paint on stuff. Eventually I decided I was gonna start doing my own designs.

Talk about your upcoming “Life is War” drop coming September 21st. What should we expect to see from that?

Kameron: It’s gonna be a month long drop. I don’t know if anyone else has done that before. We’re gonna have multiple pieces dropping this weekend, and then the following weekend another two, and to end it I’ll probably drop some other stuff before the month is over. I want to break it down for people because if I drop everything at once some people aren’t gonna be able to get everything they want.

How did you come up with the idea for a month long drop?

Kameron: This is the first time I’m doing it. I thought it’d be a good idea because a bunch of people hit me up after the last drop about not being able to get the jeans so I wanted to make it more available.

What made you want to call it that?

Kameron: Life is a battlefield. Everyone has trials and tribulations but you gotta get through it. You gotta win the war.

How many pieces are gonna be on that release?

Kameron: It’s gonna be around 6-7 pieces including two jeans, the tee that I just previewed, a crew neck or long sleeve tee and possibly a hat.

Where did you come up with the idea for the barbed wire pants?

Kameron: It came to mind when I was thinking of stuff related to war. I see barbed wire in a lot of movies and it’s one of the things that stands out on a battlefield.

What made you want to make the “Find Your Wings” hat?

Kameron: I just recently got to LA like two days ago, so made it for that reason. The whole theme of the fall/winter release is “Find Your Wings” meaning find your footing, do what you want to do, and go all in.

When is the fall/winter release coming?

Kameron: I’m not gonna say a date yet, but it’ll be before Christmas for sure.

What should we expect to see?

Kameron: Some cut and sew pieces for sure since I’m trying to get more into that. Also more denim, and I’m gonna have some collabs in there as well.

Talk about your drop from late August. What was the inspiration behind the “Jesus Denim” you made?

Kameron: I was working with a lot of jesus images from past releases and it just came to me. I came up with a tee too that I don’t plan to release but you can find it on the page.

Where did you get the idea for “Lace Sleeves” tee?

Kameron: Honestly, I was just going through fabrics and thought lace would be pretty cool. Originally I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t think people would like it if they thought it was too feminine. I got some positive input before I went ahead with it.

Are the sleeves supposed to be tattoos?

Kameron: Yeah, it’s similar to that.

Do you make all your designs yourself?

Kameron: Yeah I do all the graphics myself.

Do you think your design style has changed since you started?

Kameron: Oh yeah definitely. Before I was just messing with words, but now I’m getting more into graphics and have really stepped up my style.

Where did you come up with the idea for the “Osama Been Banging” tee?

Kameron: Originally the whole vision was gonna be a branch off into media. I do photography and film and a lot of my friends do the same so I was gonna make another identity around that. It still might happen, but I’m not saying anything about it yet.

Are you planning to make another “8th Division Gang Task Force” tee featuring someone else?

Kameron: Yeah I go back and revisit some designs sometimes and tweak them and re-release, so it’s definitely a possibility.

What was the inspiration behind the “Welcome To Your Simulation” tee?

Kameron: Honestly I don’t even remember. I just put out the graphic but never ended up releasing the actual tee. Most of my posts are putting up a graphic to get some feedback and to see if people like it. Sometimes I end up not even dropping them.

Where do you draw inspiration from in general?

Kameron: I watch a lot of weird movies, a lot of Harmony Korine and 90’s stuff. I really like big logo tees, I don’t know. Darker images definitely stick out to me more.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made to date?

Kameron: I’m gonna probably say the last jeans I made because they’re my first denim piece. They received really good feedback and I liked them a lot.

What made you want to work with Jon Psycho on visuals for your recent "We All Sin" release?

Kameron: I’ve always admired his work. I came out on vacation to LA two or three months ago and we got linked up since we were talking before, and we ended up doing the video. It was great.

What was the inspiration behind that release?

Kameron: Just letting people know that nobody is better than anybody else based on their decisions in life.

What makes you want to work with another creative in general?

Kameron: When I see drive in someone, and if I like their work and it’s clean then I definitely want to work with them. You also have to be a good person. If I like your work but you’re a shitty person then I probably won’t work with you.

Are there any other directors, designers, or brands you want to work with in the future?

Kameron: I’m trying to put together a short film for the fall/winter collection and I plan on working with Jon Psycho on some visuals for that.

Are there any other garments or accessories you want to experiment with in the future?

Kameron: Nothing that I can think of specifically. Whenever I see something hard that I feel I can put my own touch on, I’ll go for it.

What should we expect to see next from webplug?

Kameron: I’m gonna be putting out a documentary this fall.

What’s the documentary about?

Kameron: It’s just about the creatives I work with and my friends. It’s called “Life Now,” so whatever’s happening in life I’m going through and documenting it.

How long is it going to be?

Kameron: It’s gonna be upwards of an hour.

What do you want webplug to become?

Kameron: The end goal is being able to make pieces that everyone fucks with and then being able to have a media aspect to it because that’s another passion of mine. And with the media I want to put my friends in it and give them opportunities as well.

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