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Don't Worry, Someday This Will All Make Sense

SOMEDAY is a brand recently birthed from the creative hotbed in Chicago that's spreading a message of positivity and pushing the youth to achieve their dreams. We spoke with the founder Brandon about his influence and some of his releases including the highly anticipated release of his recently previewed "Don't Worry" tees. In addition, Brandon also spoke with us about the meaning behind his brand, his plans for the future, and his belief in the youth to help provide the world with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that will allow others to enjoy fashion for generations to come.

Where are you from?

Brandon: I’m originally from the suburbs of Chicago, but I attend school in the city in Chicago now so I basically live there.

How is the creative scene in Chicago?

Brandon: The creative scene is pretty big. There’s so many people and artists. I think it’s good that there’s a lot since it allows you to collaborate and try new things.

When did you start Someday?

Brandon: I started it this winter in December. I thought of the idea in October but I started going for it in December.

Where does the name come from?

Brandon: It came out of nowhere. I tweeted it one day. I’m a big dreamer, and so I thought someday I want to do this. As a kid you’re always dreaming of being something someday.

What made you want to start your own clothing brand?

Brandon: I just wanted to try something new and I thought I had the ability to do well. And eventually it turned into a passion and I love what I’m doing now.

Have you always been into fashion?

Brandon: I always have been. I was a sneaker head when I was in middle school. I used to collect shoes but I sold them all.

What was the inspiration behind your Kids Turned Out Fine Tee’s?

Brandon: I think it’s obvious the inspiration was form ASAP Rocky. But it came to me when my friends and I were chilling in their apartment one night and I was thinking of the song and thought to myself, "I think we turned out pretty fine." I went home and started creating the shirt.

Would you say Rocky is an inspiration?

Brandon: Yeah his fashion is one of my favorites. He has a good taste in fashion and has good taste in music.

Would you want him wearing your brand?

Brandon: That would be amazing having him wearing my clothing. I also want Big Baby Gucci for sure as well. Tyler the creator too, I’ve always been a big fan of Tyler the Creator.

Do you believe in the youth?

Brandon: Yeah I believe in the youth. It’s all about the youth. The youth is always dreaming to be something, to be somebody, they’re untouched. When you see the real world it's hard to get back to that youthful thinking.

Talk about your upcoming “Don’t Worry” tees. What was the inspiration behind those?

Brandon: Again, it seems like when me and my friends are hanging out I come up with a lot of my ideas. We were listening to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and I got the inspiration behind that and wanted to put it on a shirt to spread a positive message.

When are those releasing?

Brandon: They release next Friday at 2pm Chicago time.

Is “someday this will all make sense” your slogan?

Brandon: No, the slogan for my brand is, “a brand for the dreamers.” But I just threw that little quote in since it involved the word someday and it had a lot of meaning to it.

What made you want to make that your slogan?

Brandon: My brand is a brand for the dreamers. I’ve always been very ambitious and had big dreams. I Wanted to be a film director and now I want this brand to be something I can live off of. When I think of dreamers I think of young kids my age or a little bit older. They’re dreaming to do something or become something or have something.

Your brand seems to portray a message of optimism for the future. Is that true?

Brandon: Yeah.

What made you want to release your Someday Eco-friendly notebooks?

Brandon: When I get enough money or get bigger my goal is to make the brand totally eco-friendly. I wanna do that by selling eco-friendly shirts since you have to care about the planet. I’ve always cared about the planet and the future of it.

Do you believe that someday the world will be at peace or someday the world will end?

Brandon: Well recently there’s been articles saying we’re gonna be fucked by 2050. But I feel like nobody including myself is gonna believe that until something happens. Honestly I don’t know. It’ll something we’re just gonna have to find out.

What do you think the youth can do to prevent that?

Brandon: Obviously they can start spreading the word about ocean pollution, air pollution, and donate to organizations that can help the cause. They should just embed it more into their lifestyle and think about their carbon footprint.

Are there any other brands / designers you want to work with someday?

Brandon: Definitely Inferno, I love inferno. Me and NOTHING are working on a collab this summer that should be out in July hopefully. I think those are the two brands that I want to work with so far.

What should we expect to see next from Someday?

Brandon: Well I leaked a picture of my next shirt that's releasing after the "Don’t Worry" T-shirt. It’s called the “World Is Yours” shirt. That should be coming out late June or early July. Expect more shirts coming along and probably some accessories, but I’m still working on it.

Where do you want the brand to be by the end of the year?

Brandon: By the end of the year, hopefully it’s tripled or quadrupled in size. Mainly I just want it to consistently keep growing. I don’t have a number in mind but I’d like to see it way bigger than it is right now.

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