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Sliv Life
A Sliv of Your Life Is One Day, Enjoy It

Sliv Life is a clothing brand based out of Denver, Colorado that's creating some of the hardest bleach dye garments in the game. We spoke with the founder Cameron about his experience battling cancer and how this led him to pursue his passion to start a clothing company to now having his 1/1 bleach dye garments worn by the likes of Juice Wrld and many others. In addition, we also spoke with Cameron about his upcoming collaborations, his creative process, and his plans to continue scaling his operation while inspiring people to chase their dreams.

Where are you from?

Cameron: I’m from Denver, Colorado.

When did you start designing clothing?

Cameron: I had a clothing company in high school that I made with a friend of mine. That was the first time I printed T-shirts, it was called Karismatic.

When did you start Sliv Life?

Cameron: I started it in January of 2017. I started by having a few shirts screen printed and I also dropped embroidered hats that year. I revamped the brand and sort of restarted it at the end of last year.

How did you come up with the name?

Cameron: I came up with it one night with my brother and my friends. It’s supposed to be slang for just live life, but I’ve broken it down into a lot of different ways. The definition of a sliver is a fraction broken off of a larger piece, so I consider a sliv of your life to be one day. I had cancer a few years ago so I’ve been trying to live in the present and inspire other people to enjoy life.

What made you want to start designing custom garments?

Cameron: Screen printing just got to be too expensive and I had a lot of ideas I wanted to get out quicker, so making custom garments allowed me to do that more quickly with painting and sewing. I was looking for a creative outlet and that was how I found it.

How did you find your creative outlet?

Cameron: When I had cancer a few years ago I was struggling with some drug and alcohol stuff and battling depression at the time. I started Sliv Life in 2017 and made a few shirts and the hats. In 2018 I almost stopped because I was going through a lot, but I went to Denver for fashion week last November and got tons of inspiration and decided I couldn't call it quits. I had a lot of free time and was trying to sober up, so making clothes helped me focus on the right things. It kind of consumed my life but I love it. I'm very thankful to have this outlet.

What was it like battling cancer?

Cameron: At this point I’m more open to talking about it, but before I was very closed off. Around this time in October 2015 I knew something was going on, and I finally told my parents and I found out I had cancer. Luckily I didn’t have to do chemo or anything, but I had two big surgeries and by Thanksgiving I was pretty much back to normal. It happened so fast and then I pushed it aside and acted like nothing happened. I used to go to a lot of shows and parties since my brother’s a music producer. After a while everything I went through eventually caught up with me. I haven’t drank alcohol in three years and I haven’t done drugs in almost a year now. I fought some depression and had to come out of that. Luckily this winter I have clothes to keep me busy. It was crazy, thinking back it was super hard to go through. I was pretty sick for a while healing through surgery so it made me thankful for every day that I’m alive, and I feel so blessed that people like my clothes. I just try to remind people that life is short and you should chase your dreams.

Was art and fashion a big part of your life growing up?

Cameron: Yeah fashion definitely was but not really art. I used to race dirt bikes growing up, so I always considered myself as more of an athlete. But it’s always been a passion of mine to start a clothing company. I created a business plan in college for a clothing company, and looking back I always loved clothes and putting together outfits.

How did you come up with the idea for the “Backfire” Sliv pants?

Cameron: I just put the blank pants on the ground and tried to visualize what I could do that’s different. I usually take a look at the pants and come up with an idea. I go through my process of making them look the way they do, and once they’re done washing and drying I set them down again and I’ll add chains, studs, rips, or whatever else comes to mind. I thought the hand drawn flames really fit with the color of the pants. Coming up with names can be tricky sometimes so I showed the pants to my girlfriend and she helped me come up with that one.

What does your creative process look like when making custom pants?

Cameron: It starts with a blank pair of pants and trying to see what would look cool or new. I'm always coming up with ideas in my head, I literally have lists of ideas. It's pretty much trial and error since a lot of the time I think something will look a certain way and I'll try it. In general I like to push myself to see what I can do differently.

What made you want to go the bleach dye route versus the screenprint route that the majority of brands are doing today?

Cameron: I’ve been having shirts screen printed since high school. But a few years ago before I formally started Sliv Life I was going to a music festival and my friend and I tie dyed a bunch of shirts, wrote “Sliv Life” on them with sharpies and sold them there. I started bleach dying shirts in 2017. Then at the beginning of this year it progressed from shirts to sweaters, sweats, and then all kinds of pants. People like @meettheguys and @choreboyy were inspirations.

Do you think it’s important to differentiate yourself in that way?

Cameron: Yeah, I love being different. If people are going left, I'll go right. A big reason why I did it was because screen printing got expensive. It’s a little harder to do so I had to find an alternative that would allow me to get clothes out faster. It started with me painting on them which makes the piece more unique and one of a kind which is cool. I still like screen printing and I still have a friend who embroiders, he made my hats that I released. But right now I’m just enjoying making pants and jean jackets.

What was the inspiration behind your custom half-pants?

Cameron: I like to move the placement of the design around, so this time I just wanted to do the left side of the pant. I’ve done a half-pant like that with pants that turned white. When I looked at those pants I knew they’d turn orange, and I hadn’t done a half-pant in that color so I wanted to see how they’d turn out. I made two pairs of those and they did really well. I also like to add "Sliv" in certain places on my pieces to make it stand out.

Do you think your design style has changed since you started?

Cameron: It's definitely evolved. It’s pretty much just getting better since I'm perfecting the craft. All my pieces turn out different so it’s about trying to perfect it and learn as much as I can. I’m still learning every day about what I could be doing differently. That keeps it exciting because I’m always learning.

What made you want to make the pink customs?

Cameron: Those were requested from a customer, he wanted me to make some pink pants and they turned out really vibrant. I’ve done another pink pair that I haven’t posted yet that look really cool too. I like when people push me by asking for certain colors, it can be difficult but I definitely enjoy it.

What appeals to you about making custom pants?

Cameron: It’s kind of funny because I never liked jeans growing up. I just got inspired to start making pants. I don’t know what it was exactly, I saw people customizing pants and I never liked jeans so I wanted to make them more unique in a way that appealed to me. I like how all of my jeans turn out different. Every piece is different so these pants make you feel more unique and stand out. I don't think I own a pair of blue jeans, I mainly just wore camo or jogger pants until I started making my own jeans.

Can you make any color scheme you want?

Cameron: Yeah to a certain extent. I can do ROYGBIV pretty easily. When I made the mint jacket I just mixed colors together and it came out that way. I’ll have to learn how to replicate that color. But sometimes people request specific colors so I try to get as close as I can. It’s mostly ROYGBIV but for specific colors I just do my best.

How did Juice Wrld end up in the Sliv Life pants at his show?

Cameron: That’s a pretty crazy story actually. Last winter I was working this trash job every night that I hated. The whole time I just wanted to quit and go home and make clothes. But I was listening to Juice Wrld at the time and really wanted to get him clothes, so I started visualizing him wearing my clothes at Rolling Loud and set that as a goal. I dm’d him for like 6 months straight, and then out of nowhere his girlfriend messaged me and bought two pairs for him and shortly after he was wearing them at a show. It was pretty mindblowing to manifest that and then have it happen.

Are there any other artists you want rocking Sliv Life?

Cameron: There’s a bunch of artists that I’ve been sending dm’s. I like Lil Tecca a lot right now and I think Lil Skies is dope too. It would be awesome to have Lil Mosey wearing my pants as well and Lil Uzi. It’s cool how many artists have reached out to me wanting to wear my clothes. One of Mosey’s friends @kkwokstar hit me up and I sent him a pair of my pants. He was one of the first artists that reached out to me and wanted to work together so I was excited to send him stuff.

What was the inspiration behind the “Dead Red” Sliv jacket?

Cameron: Prior to these, I made a pair of half-red pants on the opposite side. I visualized what that would look like on a jacket, so I had the idea to make a half-red style jacket for a while. I did the black half jacket and then the mint one so I was waiting to do the red one. I decided to make the right sleeve a little bit purple too. I have all kinds of fabric at my house and I saw this skeleton bandana that I cut out and put on with fabric glue. I thought that fit the red aesthetic and looked cool.

Are there any other mediums, garments or accessories you want to experiment with?

Cameron: Yeah, I want to continue doing the bleach dying for a while to get it down. Once I feel comfortable with that I’m sure I’ll venture out more. I like to paint and I can sew a pair of pants from a pattern, so I’ll be doing more of that hopefully. I do concrete work so in the winter I slow down a lot. This winter I plan to learn to sew more pants from patterns, that’s my next big thing. I’ll do that so I can go to the store and pick crazy fabrics. Expect to see more cut and sew too.

Are there any other designers or brands you want to work with in the future?

Cameron: Yeah, there’s a couple people for sure. I’m working on customizing a hat with @sexforsaints, and I’m making some jean jackets with @theprolificshop. I was excited when they reached out to me to collab since it’s a pretty big company. I hit up @naesgarden since I felt like our pieces would work really well together. I also started talking with @kunnba recently, he sews and does bleach dyes as well. I think collabs are great for artists to come together to create something unique. I’m all about love and spreading positivity.

What should we expect to see next from Sliv Life?

Cameron: More consistency. I’m gonna keep putting out pants and it’ll keep growing slowly. I’m planning on upscaling my operation a bit since I literally make everything and I don’t have anyone that helps me yet. I’ll just be putting more stuff out there, consistent pants and jackets and I’ll probably be doing more sweaters and warmer things like that for the winter. Maybe some beanies too. I don’t plan on slowing down.

What do you want Sliv Life to become?

Cameron: The ultimate goal is to keep selling clothes and make this a sustainable business. I do concrete with my dad so it’s nice being able to make money during the winter. I want to upscale my operation and try to make it as big as I can. More than clothing, I just want to inspire people to go after their dreams and learn from the mistakes that I’ve gone through. I don’t see myself failing so I’ll keep growing. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a storefront, but I want to keep scaling it to where I can have a warehouse to produce more and handle more shipping. Hopefully when people wear my clothes they just remember to Sliv every day to the fullest.

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