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Meet Your New Favorite Plug And The Brand Serving Dennis Rodman

SIXCELL is a brand out of Bakersfield, California that has already made a name for itself after bursting onto the underground streetwear scene in early 2019. We spoke with the founder Jake about his experience as an artist that started with him building a following on social media and later deciding to start his own clothing brand and soon after drop his first collection. Jake also talked about the deep-rooted influence from icons in fashion and music as well as his future plans for the brand that include potentially working with some of your favorite pro skaters and NBA badboy / legend (and Little Rocket Man's best friend), Dennis Rodman.

Where are you from?

Jake: I’m from Bakersfield, California which is about 2 hours from LA. It’s definitely nothing special.

Why do you say that?

Jake: Well it’s known for having some of the worst air qualities in California. There are just some parts that definitely aren’t the greatest.

When did you start SixCell?

Jake: I started it at the end of December last year, so about four months ago.

What made you want to start a brand?

Jake: I’ve always been interested in clothing but I started making cover art for albums which allowed me to get close with lots of rappers and other people around that space. I was getting tired of making cover art and wanted to do something I was more passionate about, and since I always loved clothes I thought why not start a brand.

What’s the background on your interest in art and fashion?

Jake: A lot of it comes from when I was a kid since I spent lots of time on the internet and on Youtube looking at old music videos from Pharrell and Ye to old DJ Quik shit. I saw a lot of the stuff that inspired me through music videos and TV. I didn’t live in a high cultural place so most of the stuff I saw was from online. I was always inspired by rap music and fashion.

Where do you draw inspiration?

Jake: Pharrell is definitely up there as an inspiration with Bape, Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream. He started his own skate team and made clothes which was wild. I just love his music and everything he’s done is a huge inspiration. Kerwin Frost is another one as a fashion guy based on how he dresses and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. The inspiration for my clothes is really early Supreme, like 2004 - 2012 and just some old BBC Icecream shit.

Where did you come up with the name SixCell?

Jake: Basically I was making a new personal Twitter because I forgot the password to my old one. My favorite rapper at the time was Sir Michael Rocks who said “sixcellphones” in multiple songs. I also heard it from Gucci Mane and other old trap music so I decided to make it sixcellphones. When it came time to make a brand I had no idea what to name it. I decided I’d do SixCell and take the phones off, and it stuck.

You already had a respectable following on social media without any releases right?

Jake: Yeah I did.

How were you able to build up that following?

Jake: It was definitely through making the cover arts which put me in touch with different designers. I was put in a group chat with travisjpeg who does cover art and shit. He put me in a group chat with a bunch of artists where I started making covers and gaining connections.

Did your first release teach you to do anything differently?

Jake: Yeah dude I learned a lot. I’m really grateful for everybody that’s supported and I’m glad how it came out. There was definitely lots of stress getting orders out and with the whole process since it’s new to me but it paid off in the long run. It definitely wasn’t perfect but the second drop will go much smoother.

Speaking of the next drop, when’s that coming?

Jake: I’m 90 percent sure it’ll be next month. I’d say mid next month if all goes well, if not then late May.

Have you released any of the content that’ll be included?

Jake: I released a shirt yesterday and people were liking it. I also showed pants. I’m not sure how to manufacture pants but I’ve been talking to some people and might have a contact. I’m not saying those are gonna drop but look for them in the future. I’ll be doing that one shirt I posted and the collegiate logos that say SixCell on T-shirts with some wild colors. I have some other stuff too but that’s secret for now.

I know you’re very active within the creative community on Twitter, how do you feel about it?

Jake: Dude there’s a lot of people on this Twitter underground fashion community that are amazing. Quick shoutout to ABSENT, Parker, Half-Evil, my friend from Juvenile, Enchanted Armour, Planet Discord, Blazzy, Kodone, and some of my friends that are artists, they know who they are. There are so many talented people doing shit right now and I’m just grateful to be working alongside. With that said there's also some bad shit being made and that's how it is but nevertheless I'm proud to be part of this community.

How do you think fashion and the way brands are built is going to change with technology?

Jake: As technology advances I feel like it's gonna be easier for people to create brands which is a good and a bad thing since the market's already oversaturated. I'm also excited to see some new ideas for garments that come with those advancements.

What are some of your favorite brands?

Jake: Definitely early Supreme for graphic tees, you can’t go wrong with that. Definitely old Bape when Nigo was still working with them. Of course Parker and all the guys I already said. I really like Palace, I like their garments a lot and it’s not just streetwear since they make ski shit too and lots of versatile clothes. I wanna get into that as well. But as far as other brands I fuck with FTP is up there of course, Zac’s a legend. Say what you want about them but Zac is super inspirational and I think they’re killing it. This isn't much of "brand" but a lot of the shirts I wear are vintage tees. My favorite joints are vintage basketball shirts. I also love Icecream, the running dog logo is probably my favorite logo of all time. I also really fuck with Baker and a lot of different skating brands since it's what I grew up wearing. Of course Nike plays a big role in what I wear since some of my favorite shoes are are Air Force’s or Jordan 1’s.

Are there any collaborations you see yourself wanting to do?

Jake: I have a collaboration that I can’t speak on but I’ve been hit up by this brand and it’s definitely gonna happen in the next few months. I was actually working on it today. Of course I can’t collab with everyone but if I fuck with you no matter the size I’ll collab with you.

What makes you want to work with those brands?

Jake: They have to have good personalities. One thing I hate is when people make clothes and it’s easy to tell they don’t have an appreciation for fashion culture or what they’re doing in general. It’s really easy to spot and I don’t wanna work with that. I look for someone making shit that I like and who I think is a good person. At the end of the day it goes back to the brand owner. Clothing is all about networking and if you’re a dick head it’s not gonna work out.

Are there any music artists you wanna work with?

Jake: Yes, music artists I really wanna work with are DJ Quik, Lucki, and then somebody from 36 Mafia, whether it’s Project Pat, Juicy J or anybody else from 36. Of course Pharrell and all that shit but that’s a fantasy type thing. Drakeo the Ruler as well, that’s not a thing right now since he’s in prison but as soon as he gets out getting him in my clothes is a dream. And Greedo as well, Free Greedo and Free Drakeo.

Lucki would be a great one and super underrated.

Jake: I’d be so grateful to have him in my clothing. I’ve been listening to him since Lucki Ecks so to see him go from where he’s been to where he is now is super inspirational to me. A lot of the clothes from the first drop were inspired by Lucki, I was listening to him on repeat while designing it.

Did you work with BigBabyGucci on some of his merch?

Jake: Yeah dude, I designed his most recent merch which was a lil Bape rip from the old school Kid Cudi celebration shirt. He hit me up and it was fire.

How about working with sports athletes? What’s the story behind the Dennis Rodman shirt?

Jake: Growing up I haven’t always been a huge sports guy but I’ve always had a fascination with basketball, it’s my favorite sport. I love the vibe from early 2000's basketball and I still love basketball to this day. But seeing Dennis Rodman making a media comeback inspired me to make that. He’s one of my favorite athletes since he didn’t give a fuck. He was so different, that’s why I’ve always had respect for him. I love how he played aggressive, it always made games more interesting. That’s what sparked that. I reached out to his management to work something out. Unfortunately he never got back but I don’t know, hopefully we can do something in the future.

Any skaters?

Jake: Antwuan Dixon would be a fucking dream to work with. Eric Kosten has always been one of my favorite skaters, he kills it. Terry Kennedy is one of my all time favorite skaters, he worked with Icecream on their skate team and also skated for Baker.

What can we expect to see from SixCell in the future?

Jake: We have the collabs, we have the collection, also more music dropping on the Soundcloud from homies of mine. These are kinda big dreams in my head but I wanna start a skate team. My goal is not this year but next year to have filmed a full skate video and to have premiered it somewhere with a popup with a bunch of clothes. That’s my ultimate goal in the next two years along with doing clothes full time. Just expect more of the same shit and some new shit.

Where do you want the brand to be at the end of this year?

Jake: By the end of the year the main thing I want is to do this full time. When I can do it full time I wanna make stuff cheaper so everyone can cop. My goal is to grow, meet new people, make friends and pay my respects to everyone doing this and make shit that everyone loves.

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