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Collect For Future Use

SEAGGS is a clothing brand based out of Huntington Beach, California that's making the most unique space-inspired pieces on the market. We spoke with the founder Jacob about his experience starting Seaggs by accident to now releasing uniquely-inspired collections and building a strong community around the brand. In addition, we also spoke about the inspiration behind some of his most iconic pieces, the story behind Sam, and his plans to continue experimenting with new ideas and pushing his creative potential.

Where are you from?

Jacob: I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Huntington Beach, California.

When did you start Seaggs?

Jacob: I started Seaggs around 2 years ago as a little personal hobby. I got my embroidery machine in December 2016, but I spent like a year or so just learning the dynamics of it. I started with making embroidered hats, then shoes, then I started doing hoodies/clothes and that’s where I'm at now.

Where does the name come from?

Jacob: The name Seaggs is derived from my last name, "Siegle," pronounced “Seagull.”

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Jacob: I actually got into fashion on accident. I had a birthday gift idea for my friend, so I went to my aunt to help me embroider a jacket for him. The jacket turned out great and I kept going back to her for embroidery projects. She eventually said, “If this interests you so much why not get your own embroidery machine,” and so I did. I wasn’t really driven by a fashion sense. I had an idea to embroider a Nike Swoosh on some water soluble fabric, and then sew that to a Nike Roshe. That was my first real project that ended up being “streetwear esque.” I began to learn about the community of streetwear, hypebeast, and sneakerheads to help me market my embroidered shoes. Learning about these communities, however, grew my own fashion sense and I began to be more interested in clothes, brands, and the all around aesthetic of a nice fit. The brands that I started to like were too expensive for me to buy, so I eventually started to embroider hoodies and jackets with designs of things that I would like to wear. So this “clothing brand” I started was just a lot of happy accidents.

Were you always interested in art growing up?

Jacob: Yeah, I’d draw a lot as a kid. I loved tracing Naruto and Dragon Ball Z characters. I used to mess around on this stickfigure software where you can control the joint points of a stick figure; I think it was called Pivot. And you would draw these figures and characters frame by frame and make animations. I loved anime and sword-fights, and I think that’s the main affection for the creation of my Sam character.

Talk about your most recent “Space Pack” collection. What was the inspiration behind those pieces?

Jacob: I think science is cool. Would I ever want to study it? No. But I like learning about it recreationally. I’ve always been interested in space and the unknown and all the little theories of who we are and where we fit in this big universe. I started with some concepts that I wanted to work with: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and The Big Bang. Once those pieces were done, I took a step back and thought what other themed elements could I add to this pack. A black hole idea came to me, and the idea that The Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy are going to collide at some point also sounded like a fitting addition. So I worked with those. The inspiration for this pack was the superficial reason of “I think it’s cool.” My grandfather was a space contracting engineer and he left my mom a box full of his space contracting stuff: pamphlets, brochures, contracts, schematics, etc. So that was very resourceful in finding inspiration and designs to use, especially for the Apollo 33 Lunar Checkpoint Piece. All of those designs spawned from postcards and pamphlets from his box.

What was your favorite piece on the collection?

Jacob: My favorite piece is the Apollo 33 Lunar Checkpoint Piece because all the designs came from my grandpa's box of stuff. Another reason was because it’s so clean looking. The cream hoodie with red thread looks beautiful, and each design on the hoodie complements the others really well.

What made you want to make the “wish you were here” hats?

Jacob: The initial idea for the hats was to be a ‘postcard’ theme. I found some letters in my grandpa’s box of stuff and wanted to use elements of post stamps, red white and blue, and little badges or patches. I ended up using a graphic of an astronaut floating in space with the text, “I wish you were here.” The final piece didn’t turn out exactly like a “postcard,” but that was the initial drive for the piece and it ended up being a really cool hat.

Are there any other garments, mediums or accessories you want to experiment with?

Jacob: I’d love to learn how to cut and sew hoodies and jackets. I’ve had this idea to make upholstery hoodies, and I actually recently found another creator who’s doing it. His stuff is so damn cool. I believe his Instagram is @noname1of1. He's fire. For the space pack I made a giant globe vector stencil and sprayed bleach over it to make a stenciled bleach piece. The posterboard I used for the stencil got soggy and fell apart but it still worked. I definitely want to experiment more with stencil bleaching. I’m also working on some tactical AF1’s and I want to try and laminate an embroidered swoosh. I have no idea how it’s gonna look or turn out, but we’ll see.

Where did you get the idea for the “Sam Persist” piece you recently released?

Jacob: Sam is a character I made who is basically my creativity personified into a fictional figure. He wears a red Oni mask with a hoodie, sweatpants, socks & sandals. Before Sam Persist I’ve made Sam Distracted and Sam Regret. I would take pictures of myself wearing a hoodie, sweatpants, and sandals, and then trace my figure in Adobe Illustrator. I'd then draw in the mask later. Whatever I’m really feeling at the moment, whatever the emotion or mindframe is, I put Sam in that position. And I think these emotions are very relatable to everyone. Everyone feels distracted, everyone faces regret at some point, and Sam Persist is the drive to push forward with obstacles in your way (visually conveyed with the arrows in Sam’s back on the box logo). Sam will continue to be put in relatable situations that all of us face. Everyone’s got a little Sam in them.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Jacob: I get inspired from so many things. It’s really random because it could be a complex concept such as Dark Energy, where I want to expand on what it is and add some educational facts on the piece, to learning a professional selling tactic “Uncover the Pain, Delay the Solution,” which was featured on my Hold Your Fire Hoodie that had an anti-smoking theme. The phrase is used in a selling situation where you want to uncover the pain the client is facing (whether it’s high employee turnover, low production yield, whatever). But in the sense of anti-smoking, “uncover the pain, delay the solution” refers to understanding that smoking is addictive and you can uncover the pain (understand smoking is bad), and delaying the solution (it’s right to quit smoking, but it’s so hard, you delay throwing away your smokes).

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made so far?

Jacob: My favorite piece I’ve made was my “Collect 2” hoodie. It’s a black hoodie with one of my Sam figures on the front with his head in his hands, and the text “Collect For Future Use” spread across the front. The back of the hoodie features a vertical color spectrum showing all the wavelengths we can and can’t interpret. There’s also some embroidered eyes with reflective pupils and a block of text that talks about how the typical person is exposed to loads and loads of information each day, but we can only interpret and make sense of only so much information. This text relates to the color spectrum because with all the information and wavelengths that are interacting with us, we can only perceive so much. Collect as much information for future use, because you can’t use all the information in the present.

What’s your favorite space theory that we should check out?

Jacob: Dark Energy is the most interesting space concept to me. Everything you see and know in this world, all the stars, elements, and atoms in the universe, only make up about 5% of the universe. Dark Matter is said to make up 27% of the universe, and Dark Energy makes up 68%. Dark matter is pulling the universe together, and dark energy is pushing the universe apart. I recommend doing some research on it, it's really interesting stuff.

Should we expect to see an Elon Musk collab at some point?

Jacob: Yeah if I could make the SpaceX suits or the HyperLoop embroidered seat covers that would be lit.

Are there any designers or brands you want to collaborate with in the future?

Jacob: I would love to collaborate with Advisory Board Crystals (Abc.) and Warren Lotas. I love Abc’s tye dye aesthetic and how they’re very sciency and analytical about their releases. They always have graphs, charts, factoids, or something to educate you on a greater cause. They’ve collaborated with lots of charities and non-profits too. Warren Lotas is a boss and his grungy Skull figures are sick as fuck. I would love to somehow get my Sam character in his pieces. His shading style is so unique, it’s like a high-end metal band/Harley Davidson type clothes.

What should we expect to see next from Seaggs?

Jacob: More Sam pieces, and not just in box logos. I'm currently working on a full screen print intended pack since I want to get into more mass produced collections instead of me making like six 1/1 hoodies. Embroidery digitizing tutorials are also in the works. My video editing software kept crashing so I had to get a new one and I need to learn how to use it. I have a couple shoe projects coming up too. I haven’t made custom shoes in a while, but now I’m getting into a more tactical aesthetic with straps, buckles, and clips. So it'll be interesting to see how those turn out.

What do you want Seaggs to become at the end of the day?

Jacob: I want Seaggs to become a name associated with Sam, his story, embroidery help and tutorials, and all around creative clothes. My 1/1’s don’t really have any rhyme or reason. The only consistent work I have is Sam. The rest of my projects are isolated themes that stand on their own. I’m still in school and I know Seaggs has a long way to go. Whether Seaggs is going to be my career, or if Seaggs is the first stepping stone into a bigger future venture, I take it one day at a time and I keep progressing forward. You can do anything you want in life, you just need to keep practicing and failing forward. Embrace happy accidents.

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