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The Outsiders Are Rocking Hard Denim And Bulletproof Vests

Outsiderz is a brand based out of Virginia that's become one of the biggest rising names in the underground this year. We spoke with the founder Isaiah about his experience starting the brand and creating some of the hardest and most creative denim out right now that's caught the attention of Lil Mosey, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and a growing list of other music artists. In addition, we also spoke about the inspiration behind some of his most notable designs, where he draws influence from, and his plans to continue branching out with crazy new concepts that further his artistic vision.

Where are you from?

Isaiah: I’m from Virginia.

When did you start Outsiderz?

Isaiah: I started Outsiderz in February of 2018 but didn’t really make a name for myself until around November of 2018.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

Isaiah: The name Outsiderz just came from how I’ve always felt. I’ve always been an outsider with everything in my life, I’ve never been the same as anybody. I’ve always had a different perspective on a lot of things in life.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Isaiah: I’ve always loved fashion so one day I just decided to get these shirts printed. Everybody was telling me that I should make a brand so I decided to try it out. I didn’t really know what I was doing at first but it turned into something great.

What’s your background in fashion?

Isaiah: I don’t really have a background in fashion, I kind of just started when I created Outsiderz.

How did your environment growing up influence your style?

Isaiah: I grew up in this small ass country town in Virginia. There was literally no fashion or influence there at all but when social media started becoming a big thing I just started falling in love with fashion through there.

You have some of the hardest pants in the game. What was the inspiration behind the “Colors” denim you dropped?

Isaiah: One day I was just at the crib designing as always, and I had a bunch of bandana fabric and decided to put one piece of each color of the exact same fabric onto these pants. They turned out extremely aesthetically pleasing and the people loved them.

What about designing pants appeals to you?

Isaiah: In my opinion I’m just extremely gifted when it comes to designing denim. There’s so much shit you can do, it’s endless. I’ll forever enjoy designing denim.

What’s the craziest piece you’ve made?

Isaiah: The craziest piece I’ve ever created in my mind would probably be the Caution denim. They really gave me a huge buzz in the beginning, it's hands down my most creative concept.

What was the inspiration behind the rhinestone butterfly tees and pants?

Isaiah: Honestly ever since I started listening to Playboi Carti like two years ago I just fell in love with the whole butterfly aesthetic so I took that idea and ran with it. I knew those pieces were gonna be a hit.

What about working with rhinestone appeals to you?

Isaiah: I think rhinestones are beautiful. They really make any garment 10x more appealing so that’s why everybody loves them.

What made you want to take that design and put it on a pair of Air Force 1’s?

Isaiah: After seeing how big of a hit the butterfly denim and tees were, I decided to put the rhinestone butterfly on a shoe to see how people would react. They were obsessed so I ran with it.

Are you planning on releasing other shoe designs in the future?

Isaiah: I'll most definitely be designing some way more detailed shoes in the future. The BTFLY shoes were just a start, you guys haven't seen anything yet.

I saw you designed an Outsiderz chain a while back. Is jewelry something you see yourself designing in the future?

Isaiah: Yes, I'm planning on dropping some custom pendants sometime this year.

Where do you draw influence from? Culture? Music? Other artists? Something entirely different?

Isaiah: I get influence from music and culture of course just like everybody else. But for me I could literally be riding down the road and see something weird and get a huge influence from it. For example, I was riding home one day and road past caution tape wrapped around a pole. That’s how I got the idea for the caution denim. All of my pieces have huge influence and meaning behind them.

Are there any other designers or brands you want to work with in the future?

Isaiah: As of right now I’m not really sure who I want to work or collab with in the future. I don’t like to force anything since I like to have genuine relationships with whoever I’m working with. So we’ll just see what happens.

What should we expect to see from you and Outsiderz next?

Isaiah: Everyone should expect to see a lot of new drip, concepts, and also more and more celebrities in our gear. We actually just collaborated with Lil Mosey, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Kodie Shane, and more that you'll see soon.

What do you want Outsiderz to become?

Isaiah: I want Outsiderz to simply become a consistent, tough ass overall brand. I want to branch out to selling crazy artwork, couches, and all types of stuff. I just want Outsiderz to be know as true ART.

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