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No Paradigms
The Future Of Digital Art

No Paradigms is a designer based out Texas that's been blowing up this year with his 3D rendered designs. We spoke with the founder Roel about his experience growing up in Mexico and moving to Texas where he taught himself to use Blender through Youtube tutorials, to now making 3D renders of timeless album covers and the iconic logos of your favorite clothing brands. In addition, we also spoke about his recent expansion to designing clothing, his advice for people looking to start making 3D art, and his plans to continue doing bigger and better things and eventually design an album cover for Kanye West.

Where are you from?

Roel: I was born in Mexico but I’m now in Mission, Texas which is right by the border.

When did you move to Texas?

Roel: Ten years ago.

What made you make the move?

Roel: It was my parents. My dad started a business and he had to move over here. I’m glad we did because I don’t think I’d be doing what I’m doing now if he hadn't done that.

When did you start designing under the name No Paradigms?

Roel: I think around a year and a half ago.

Where does the name come from?

Roel: I don’t like to be put in a box. I know everybody says that but I wanted my name to represent it.

What made you want to start designing?

Roel: I make music as well, so it was another creative outlet that was super cool to explore and see what else I could do with my mind.

How did you start?

Roel: I’ve always made drawings and put whatever comes to my head on paper. But I've been using 3D software such as Blender for 3 years now. It all started from Youtube videos that I’d get suggested that were tutorials for Blender. I didn't even know what Blender was but I would watch them and I decided I might as well decide to try using it, so I downloaded the software and did it. It’s a pretty good feeling to not only design but to see it in a realistic way that's not just hand drawn.

When did you start doing your 3D art?

Roel: I was doing it before I had the No Paradigms account. But I wasn’t selling anything or making cover arts, it was just for fun.

What was the original idea behind those first designs?

Roel: I don't know. For me it’s always been about just going into a white canvas and making whatever comes to my head. 90% of my posts started with me not having an idea for what I was gonna do and just going with it.

When did you get the idea to do 3D renders of album covers?

Roel: I had done like two, College Dropout and Days Before Rodeo. I did those just because I wanted to make them for myself. Then Kodone started to blow up and I was like damn, everyone else is gonna try to imitate what he’s doing with drawing, but not a lot of people are gonna be doing that stuff with 3D. So I did the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that didn’t blow up but did pretty well. And then I remember someone commented that I should do Kids See Ghosts. I remember thinking that it would take a really long time to make, but I did it anyways and that blew up. It had like 4k likes in 2 days. That was my first time ever hitting anything like that. Now I have to keep going.

Do you use Blender to make all your designs?

Roel: It’s primarily Blender. I also use ZBrush. That’s not free but it’s really useful. Now that I can pay for it I’ve decided to invest in it.

What made you want to make the Die Lit album cover?

Roel: Everyone was telling me to do it. Anything “Carti” always pops. Regardless if you like Carti or not his fans are crazy. They’ll like anything you do off his art or his name. I like Carti a lot, Travis and Kanye are my favorites but I had to do it.

Can you make pretty much any album cover?

Roel: Yup 100%.

What made you want to make the Jeffery album cover?

Roel: I really like how it’s super simple but it’s also not simple at the same time. I really like that kind of art. It’s simple but the more you look at it it has this thing going on and it just made me want to do it. So I tried to replicate the simplicity of it. It also has a really good pallet of colors.

You sell prints of those 3D renders, correct?

Roel: Yeah. A lot of people are saying that I sell 3D prints but they’re just paper print posters.

What made you want to start doing renders for brands like Sukamii?

Roel: I’ve always known what Sukamii was and the brand since it’s well known in the underground. But I saw the Absent logo in the head and I thought I could replicate it pretty fast. I wasn’t gonna tell any of them I was just doing it for fun. It only took me like 30 minutes and it was dope because people really liked it.

How did the Ryder Studios 3D hats happen?

Roel: Jebediah hit me up and commissioned me to do that. It was dope since I really like that hat.

How did people react to those?

Roel: A lot of people with their own brands were hitting me up asking if I could do stuff like that for them. I can do whatever someone wants I just can't always do it for free. If I’m gonna do something for free it’s because I want to and I like it. It doesn’t mean I don’t like what people are telling me to do I just have to charge. If someone's brand has a dope ass thing I might just do it for free but it'll have to come from me.

What made you want to start designing your own clothes?

Roel: It’s just me wanting to share my art. If I sell prints for the rest of my life it’s cool but it’s not something that everyone wants. I personally don’t buy prints because I don’t really hang art on my wall. But if you have a dope shirt I’ll buy it even if it’s someone that has 20 followers. I know how people are with shirts and I really just want everyone to have a piece of my art. That’s the dream.

What would you call the figure that’s your profile picture?

Roel: I call them Bearz with a "z" at the end. I don't really like that name but I hope it catches on. I want it to catch on and I want to sell figurines of that. I want to make it a pop culture thing eventually.

Talk about the shirts you previewed last week. Where did you come up with the idea for those?

Roel: For everything I do I just go into Blender with nothing in mind. At first it was totally different and then I changed one thing, changed another, and added four arms to the bear. The more I did things the more I really liked it. It was super random and it didn’t end up being how I initially thought but I’m happy with what I have right now.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Roel: That’s always a super hard question to answer because I get everything from my head, but my head is influenced by so many things. I might watch a movie and make a piece where I subconsciously imitate something that I saw in it. So that’s why it’s a hard question because I draw inspiration from everywhere.

Are there any other mediums, garments, or accessories you want to experiment with?

Roel: Yeah of course. I want to make anything and everything, but right now it’s just T-shirts.

Are there any other designers or brands you want to work with?

Roel: Yeah I want to work with everyone. I was thinking of doing something where we make a collab and we design an actual design for a piece, and then put it on the bear guy where he’s wearing a T-shirt with that design on it. That’s my requirement when working with a brand. We have to do a design and have the bear guy wearing it on a T-shirt.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start making 3D art?

Roel: Watch a lot of Youtube tutorials. Watch all of them, even if it’s something you think is stupid like how to make a train station. If you want to make a character watch that since the little tips they have in the middle of a two hour tutorial will change everything on how you do a render. That’s what I’ve learned. I’ve watched tutorials on the dumbest stuff on Blender like how to make a treehouse but it’s taught me so many little things. I think everyone that's trying to learn something should watch all the tutorials they possibly can for the software they’re using. Also, just because you’re doing a 3D render doesn’t mean it has to look like a video game or look realistic. Lots of people go in and try to to make a house and make a human model. It looks cool but it also looks like a video game and has no personal character to it. Find a style that suits you and just remember that there's so many people out there doing realistic looking renders. I don’t know if you want to be classified as someone doing that, I definitely don’t.

What should we expect to see from No Paradigms next?

Roel: Just bigger and better things. Expect more animations with fully moving characters. Before I wasn’t doing full body renders with characters since it was too difficult but now I am. So just expect everything to be bigger and better than the last thing I did. Also with T-shirts and designs, the “Electric Mouse” is probably dropping next week. I don’t want to say anything more because I know how things go.

What do you want No Paradigms to become?

Roel: I want to make huge status. Imagine what Kaws is, that’s what I want to be like since that’s my biggest inspiration. I also hope I get to design a Kanye West album album cover one day. It would be cool because I wouldn’t have to re-create that since I made it myself.

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