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Making The World Feel A Little Less Lonely

LonelyWorld is a clothing brand based out of Gothenburg, Sweden that's working to make the world a little less lonely. We spoke with the founder Johan about his experience starting LonelyWorld in Sweden last year and growing over the past year to now being able to release yet another highly requested collection. In addition, Johan spoke with us about the inspiration behind some of his most popular designs, his plans to continue experimenting with new garments, and his ambition to keep growing the LonelyWorld community across the world.

Where are you from?

Johan: I'm from Gothenburg, Sweden.

When did you start LonelyWorld?

Johan: I started my brand Lonely World at the end of last summer. It was August 10th, 2018 to be exact, so almost a year ago.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

Johan: We live in a world with 7.5 billion people in an infinite universe and somehow you still can feel lonely at times. This really got me thinking and the name “Lonely Word” came up in my head one night.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Johan: I have always been into designing clothing and I have been a graphic designer for a few other brands in the past, so I thought why not start my own brand since this is what I really love doing.

Were you always interested in fashion growing up?

Johan: Fashion has always been a huge interest ever since I was a young kid. I always liked to have clothing that you don’t see on everyone else.

Where does the LonelyWorld globe logo come from?

Johan: The story behind the logo is pretty straight forward, I wanted the logo to be something cool that could be easily tied to the brand. So I wanted it to be more than just the text “Lonely World”. I sat down with my computer the same night I came up with the name and did countless versions of the soon to be Lonely World logo and eventually came up with one that stuck.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Johan: I'm pretty fascinated with the planet Saturn and the way it looks so as you can see the “Lonely World” text acts as Saturn's ring over a globe icon.

What made you release your first collection in that black / neon green?

Johan: I made that collection black/neon green just because I was really into neon graphics at that time, as I still am. I tried out lots of different colorways for that drop but the neon stuff just stood out for me and really made the graphics pop.

Describe your iconic design with the devil stick figure “shocking the world”. What’s going on there?

Johan: It’s the devil deciding to strike the world with lightning from his spear.

What do you call it?

Johan: I just call it the “Devil” logo.

Talk about your most recent collection that was just released. What was the inspiration behind those pieces?

Johan: The pieces that just dropped were a collection of the devil logo and the OG logo in a few new colorways. Lots of people asked me to bring these designs back so I listened and did so.

What was your favorite piece from the collection?

Johan: The purple devil logo on the white tee.

Do you design all your pieces in-house?

Johan: I design everything myself and I probably always will.

Are there any other brands or designers you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Johan: We have a few collabs in the making but sadly I can’t disclose them yet.

Are there other garments or accessories you want to experiment with?

Johan: There are lots of things I want to experiment with. The only accessory we have done so far is a beanie, but you should expect more new beanies this fall/winter. For the next spring/summer I will definitely drop some shorts and other summer accessories as well.

What should we expect to see from LonelyWorld next?

Johan: You should expect Lonely World to get better each drop, since we always work on improving quality, designs and shipping. We will have a very cool collab coming this fall and we will continue doing limited drops once or twice a month. Expect lots of cool new designs as well as old beloved designs in new colorways.

What do you want LonelyWorld to become?

Johan: I want the LonelyWorld message to keep on spreading. As a brand I want it to be kept pretty low key but at the same time get noticed and worn by more people as I really feel like it's something special.

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