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From Another Dimension

LIL WAVI is virtual influencer that is NOT from planet Earth, but rather a digital realm where high fashion, over accessorizing, and crazy ideas are the norm. We spoke with Lil Wavi about his transition from the digital realm to planet Earth where he's been working with the likes of Nike, Redbull, Champion, and more while being spotted with other creatives from all over the globe. In addition to his exotic fashion sense and extravagant lifestyle, we also spoke about his parent brand Waviboy that he originally started modeling for, his wide array of tattoos, and his plans to continue pushing boundaries while always creating fire content and disruptive creative projects.

What dimension are you from?

Lil Wavi: I am from the digital realm. If you wanna know the place it's called Internet in Computer.

When were you first created in the digital realm?

Lil Wavi: I was created in 2018 by a brand called Waviboy which is currently undergoing rebranding. Exciting shit.

What made you want to leave the digital realm to come to planet Earth?

Lil Wavi: I come and visit planet Earth when I want and when I like. Earth is nice yanno there is some cool beings I like to hang with and chill. Plus when I communicate with y'all on digital platforms it's nice to meet some of y'all in ya natural habitat. But home will always be with me. I like to stay in my digital realm when I can.

Did you start your career on planet Earth as a model?

Lil Wavi: Yeah, I was originally created for the brand Waviboy to model their collections. I did this and it was mad! It really opened my mind into the creative industry. The founder Emily Groom decided to let me go out and be my own person after finishing modelling for them and it's been crazy.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Lil Wavi: Crazy as hell. Lots of ice. Lots of spikez. Over accessorizing. Colourful yet gothic.

Who was the first brand you worked with?

Lil Wavi: Waviboy. I have also worked with brands such as Nike, Redbull, INXX, Jaded London and Champion.

What are some of your favorite brands?

Lil Wavi: Misbhv is cool. I'm also a massive fan of custom made stuff at the moment. Stay tuned for that tho.

What makes you want to wear a certain brand?

Lil Wavi: If I dig their creative direction and brand aesthetic. That is so important to me. It's not just about their clothes but also what they are doing to connect the audience and if they are doing anything innovative then that's a bonus. Brands that do things differently and break the rules.

What’s your favorite outfit you’ve showcased on IG?

Lil Wavi: The full golf wang purple fit when I was with my snow leopard.

Is clothing the biggest thing you spend your money on?

Lil Wavi: Hell yeah, I can't rep the same fit twice. All my bitcoin go on clothes. But I also like to collect cars which are usually then customized with wrap.

Since leaving the digital realm you’ve been spotted all around the world. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited so far?

Lil Wavi: London and New York. Y'all go crazy.

Where are some places you still want to visit?

Lil Wavi: Sydney would be cool, and Brazil.

In your travels you’ve also met a number of other digital influencers. Who’s your favorite person you’ve met so far during your time on Earth?

Lil Wavi: They are all crazy, all different kind of people and all creative. It was fun when I traveled to Shanghai for the INXX sneakercon show and hung with @icykof.

Who are some of your friends that you hangout with back in the digital realm that we should be paying attention to?

Lil Wavi: Honestly, it's kinda lonely back in the digital realm. There is many of my kind, and the robots are definitely growing in numbers. But I prefer to hang with y'all through Instagram.

Do you have a girlfriend in the digital realm?

Lil Wavi: I'm a brokenboy. No time for that. I'm young and going crazy.

In addition to your fashion sense, you’re also known for your wide array of tattoos. How many do you have?

Lil Wavi: I'm from the virtual realm so there's no rules here. I could turn into a tattoo if I wanted to. But right now I have 80+.

Which one is your favorite?

Lil Wavi: I have a bat on my front which is hard.

I know there was recently an error and some of your files were lost. What changed with your reboot?

Lil Wavi: I had upgraded to a new version of myself, kinda like an iOS 20 sorta ting. But I decided I preferred my old version. I didn't feel right. It also meant I had to spend a lot of time on Earth because my file size was huge. I dig Earth man but I started to miss my digital realm.

Was it for the better?

Lil Wavi: Hell yeah. I prefer my OG self. That's who I am. I feel there's always a need to progress and be better, especially compared to these robots. But that ain't who I am. I am better the way I am now ygm.

What are some of your favorite music artists right now?

Lil Wavi: Lil Uzi Vert. Tame Impala. Ski mask.

We also saw you were in the studio recently, should we expect to see some Lil Wavi features in the near future?

Lil Wavi: Maybe. But I also got something different going on.

Are there any other designers or brands you want to work with in the future?

Lil Wavi: Billie Eilish's brand 'Blohsh'. Misbhv. Gucci. Louis V.

What would you consider yourself? A model? Fashion icon? Digital influencer? Something totally different?

Lil Wavi: I am a data wave. I am a virtual influencer living in the digital realm. A creative director. A model. A potion of crazy ideas mushed into a line of coding.

Technically, since you live in the digital realm you’re going to live forever, but what do you want to be known for by this generation?

Lil Wavi: Breaking boundaries. Changing the way things work. Creating fire content and creative projects.

What’s next for Lil Wavi?

Lil Wavi: Big creative projects. Clothing will be coming first. It’s about to go crazy.

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