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The Belly Of LA

FUCCUUWANT is a clothing brand based out of Los Angeles that's run by two of the flyest twins with the most eccentric hairstyles in the underground scene. We spoke with han6out and onlyatnight about how a desperate situation eight months ago forced them to drop their first collection which has now launched their brand and their image to new heights and many people's radars. In addition, we also spoke about some of their most iconic pieces, their experience being in the Half Evil x The Hundreds promo shoot, and their plans to experiment with new garments and accessories while propelling their brand to global heights.

Where are you from?

onlyatnight: We were born in Long Beach, California and then moved to Huntington Park.

Are you guys twins?

han6out: Yeah, we're identical twins.

One of your most identifiable features are your elaborate hair designs. When and why did you guys start rocking those designs?

onlyatnight: Han6out started his design around December 2017 and ended up going stupid viral.

han6out: My dad actually had the web when we were kids so that’s basically where I got the inspiration from.

onlyatnight: We just rocked them because they looked cooler with the clothes we would wear. Then it just turned into a lifestyle, now if we don’t have a design we feel dry.

Is there a specific person that styles your hair?

han6out: Yeah, we get it done by my boy kidbronze. He’s the originator of this shit man, everyone's on it now.

What’s your favorite hair design you’ve each had?

han6out: For me it’s the OG web in the Spiderman color. It’s just mad OG to me.

onlyatnight: The checker with the skull and flames.

When did you start Fuccuuwant?

han6out: We started fuccuuwant at the end of 2016 and at the start of 2017. But we didn’t start it intentionally, we just put that on our clothes because we hated when people would look at us for too long. Especially because we’re twins it causes mad attention and with our hair designs, so “fuccuuwant” was speaking for us.

How did you come up with the name?

han6out: Onlyatnight actually came up with the name. We were in Virginia Beach at the time, and out there we just stacked up on so many clothes. Only came out of the shower and just tells me that he was putting “fuccuuwant” on the back of all the clothes that he bought. We were never intentionally thinking that it’d lead to a brand.

What made you want to start a clothing brand together?

onlyatnight: We're brothers so we go through everything together. All the living problems we had, being broke, being homeless. Han6out went to jail for some shit and we were basically kicked out our crib. One of our homegirls let us stay at her crib for free in LA until we got back on our feet. We took that risk and stayed out there and saw fuccuuwant was catching people's attention because my homies from 10c41 and revengexstorm were skating in it and the steez of it itself was catching attention. Then we had 15 days to find a crib so we dropped a collection and made 5 racks. After that we got an apartment, started a business account, and started a brand. It wasn’t intentional, we had no choice so we just did it. It’s been 8 months since and we’re damn proud of how rapidly it’s growing.

Was fashion always big for you growing up?

han6out: Nah, we didn’t even really pay attention to fashion and I didn’t know what Supreme was until 12th grade. We didn’t have cell phones until 11th grade so we weren’t connected to any social media. The fashion we had was just street children skateboarding stuff. We’re from LA so graffiti, skating, and baggy clothes were cool and we threw our blend into it. Even what we wear now is still on that LA vibe, it’s a different type of steez.

Where did you get the idea for your purple skull denim?

han6out: We got the idea from the skulls on only’s head. Go look at the denim and then his hair design and you'll see it. We just wanted to see how it’ll look if we tried it and it came out looking steez so we just posted it to see what people would think of them.

What does your creative process look like when you guys create a new piece?

onlyatnight: Our lifestyle to be honest. We don’t put much thought into what we’re going to create, we don’t want to force anything. Seeing the crazy stuff my homies put together whether it’s sleeves, gloves, chains, or street shit, it all really influences us. Baggy clothes and going to the studio and catching a vibe with my man Jon too. Seeing colors that look good together and then late night drunk talks of what we learned. Then our imagination comes together and we make a piece and then go to my graphic man and have him cook.

Do you guys work together on everything you make or do you do things individually?

onlyatnight: We come up with everything together or we bounce ideas off each other.

What was the inspiration behind your custom skull rivets denim that came in white, red and green?

han6out: The Mexico flag colors and the skulls rivets from only’s hair. We have some web rivets coming too. The denim for the jean was influenced by the old school black wash vibe.

Was that design modeled off of han6out’s Fuccuuwant head tattoo?

han6out: Yeah, we liked the font so we ran with it.

Are you both very detail oriented?

onlyatnight: Somewhat, we understand flaws though. Nothing is perfect.

Where did you get the idea for your spider web denim from earlier this year?

onlyatnight: It came from han6out’s hair. Those went crazy, we have something big coming with them soon.

Who or what inspires you?

han6out: My homies for sure, and the life we’re living. And west coast shit, Dom K, Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller, Pro Era.

What was the inspiration behind your all-over global hoodie?

onlyatnight: Gino Green Global, that brand was so fire to us as kids. So we got the skulls and ran the same pattern out of respect. We’ve looked up to that brand since we were kids.

Talk about your upcoming collection: What should we expect to see from that?

han6out: Maybe new denim and T-shirts, hoodies, and bags. We’re going to try a bit of everything.

When is it releasing?

han6out: We’re not sure to be honest, we have a lot of crazy news so we might have to push it back.

Are there any other garments or accessories you want to experiment with in the future?

onlyatnight: Everything.

How did you guys end up in the promo video that Jon Psycho shot for Half Evil x The Hundreds?

han6out: We fuck with Sam from Half Evil heavy, and he basically just asked us and we were of course down out of love. Plus we liked the Hundreds growing up so it was an easy choice.

What was that experience like?

han6out: Fire, Jon Psycho is a genuine, chill ass dude and he lets his work speak for itself. It was a quick shoot and I was faded so we had a good time.

Are there any other designers or brands you guys want to work with in the future?

onlyatnight: We have a lot of things coming.

What should we expect to see next from Fuccuuwant?

han6out: Us globally.

What do you want Fuccuuwant to be at the end of the day?

han6out: What it is now but 100x the size. That comes with work so that’s what we’re doing.

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