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The Angelic Number & The Brand Representing It

FortyFour is an up and coming brand out of Sandy, Utah founded in 2018 and run by Cade Goetz. Representing the angelic number 44, Cade has a number of talented up and coming music artists repping the brand in the bubbling art scene that is Salt Lake City. We were able to chat with Cade about the inspiration behind the brand, what the angelic numbers mean to him and his friends, as well as his plans for the future.

Where are you from?

Cade: I’m from Sandy, Utah born and raised.

When did you start FortyFour?

Cade: It officially started around August or September of 2018. I started tinkering with clothes around April/March of 2017 but it was really on and off. I’ve gotten much more serious about it recently.

Where does the name FortyFour come from?

Cade: Well it’s something that originated from my close group of friends. I see the number 44 everywhere, on license plates all the time and on clocks. It’s an angelic number, it’s a way that angels communicate to you through numbers. My friends and I have always seen it so it has a super big meaning to all of us. Even if you don’t relate with it like that, if it’s on some level at all it works.

Is FortyFour more than just a clothing brand? I’ve seen guys like Koba in the up and coming music scene wearing it.

Cade: Oh for sure, he always talks about it in his music. It’s a clothing brand but more than that it’s a group. Throughout Salt Lake its really blown up recently.

Do you think fashion and music go hand in hand?

Cade: Oh yeah, 100%. I’ve always thought that. As long as music has been around, even far back when style was different high designer brands have always been super popular throughout tons of different genres of music.

What made you want to start a brand?

Cade: I got into clothing around junior/senior year of high school. I’d always go to class and see people wearing the same clothing as me which was frustrating because I always wanted to set myself apart with something nobody had. So I went home one day and started tinkering with some stuff, I took a needle and thread out and just started making clothes, cutting up scraps and putting them together. I also had a sewing machine machine laying around so I taught myself how to sew.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Cade: 100% honest, I try to surround myself with as much talent and inspiration as I possibly can. I see inspiration through all my friends since they’re all super talented in their own ways. On social media you choose who you follow so I try to follow cool stuff that inspires me.

What’s the mission behind FortyFour? What are some of your long-term goals?

Cade: I’m super hard on myself, and I’ve shown my learning process publicly with the brand via social media, everything is a big learning process and I’m definitely still learning. I do want to start doing full cut and sew pieces, hoodies, sweatshirts, crewnecks, plain tees and sweatpants. I want to keep it all affordable but I also want to start doing stuff that takes crazy amounts of work, high designer type stuff. I just feel like time is my enemy.

Who are some people in the game you look up to?

Cade: DRUX with Austin and Seneca for sure. Also DNT SHNE with Sonny.

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