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The 16 Year Old Artist That’s Killing The Print & Fashion Game

Fewocious is the name behind an inspiring young artist out of Las Vegas that’s killing it in both the print and fashion game. We spoke with Victoria, the founder of Fewocious, about her experience running an increasingly growing art business online that features anything from prints to custom shoes and 1 of 1 clothing pieces. In addition, Victoria also spoke to us about her newly created Youtube channel that details her creative process, and what we should expect to see from Fewocious in the near future.

Where are you from?

Victoria: I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada.

What’s your background in art?

Victoria: I feel like my family has always been very creative but they've been too afraid to actually pursue it. Just seeing it online and stuff I decided to practice more and take it seriously.

Do you feel like you've always been artistic?

Victoria: I was always artistic but I didn’t understand what that meant. I was that annoying kid in class that always thought they could draw. I saw people pursuing it online and making it a career so I thought I should practice and take it seriously.

When did you start making art under the name Fewocious?

Victoria: I feel like I went by Victoria L for a long time but I thought Fewocious sounded cooler so I went with it last year.

Where does the name come from?

Victoria: Honestly it’s kind of silly. Because I’m such a goofy person one of my best friends friends would say that I was so "fewocious." It stuck since people liked it.

Did you start by just making sketches and paintings?

Victoria: Yeah it was just little doodles. Actually the first art that I would make was Minecraft thumbnails for people. I didn’t know it was art at the time since I was just drawing Minecraft which was kind of stupid. But then I moved schools and I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t want to be that awkward kid at lunch so I’d spend my time sketching all the kids I saw. I kept going and as the years went on I got better and tried different mediums.

When did you start selling your art?

Victoria: I starting doing commissions for cover art like 2 years ago but it wasn’t anything serious. At first it was just little $5 sketches and stuff. But I think selling my art where seriously started maybe six months ago.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Victoria: Oh boy. I’d say expressionism or abstract. I don’t know the fancy art lingo, I just put my feelings in and try to make it kind of cool.

What’s the influence behind it?

Victoria: I don’t want to be the annoying person that says everything, but truly everything. I try to look for new art and be very open minded. I try to connect stuff through life experience.

When did you start putting your art on clothes?

Victoria: I’ve always played with the idea and sketched what I’d like to make. But lately I've been making more money and can actually invest in doing it so I’d say I started around three months ago.

What made you want to do that?

Victoria: I love fashion. But I don’t know anything about fashion or the correct terms for anything or how it works. You see those celebrities wearing cool clothes and you're like, “oh that’s dope.” I wanted to make things I thought were cool like that and just stuff I’d never seen before.

Have all of your shirts been 1 of 1’s so far?

Victoria: So far yes. I’m looking to do a whole hoodie drop and a shirt drop but I want it to be cool with details and stuff. I don't want people to think, “oh you just stuck Fewocious on this.”

Do you plan to continue doing 1 of 1’s or do you want to focus more on hoodies and shirts?

Victoria: Right now I want to focus on more of the mass produced printed stuff so everyone gets an idea of what I’m trying to do. Once that’s situated I want to go back to the 1 of 1’s because I think it’s cool.

Talk about the first shoes you designed that have the two eyes and the mouth on them. What made you want to make those?

Victoria: I’ve seen tons of artists draw on shoes before. I think it’s cool to draw on shoes since it’s kind of like a flat canvas thing. It’s also something that you can wear that’s custom and really cool. When I was little I’d always see the Jordan’s at the store but I couldn’t afford them. Now I get to buy them and make them my own with my designs. I saw this random video of this guy putting his art on shoes which inspired me too. I got the shoes and started messing around which was very nerve racking since I didn’t wanna mess them up.

Are there any other articles of clothing you want to experiment with putting your art on?

Victoria: I wanna do jewelry really badly. I don’t know how but I’m gonna figure it out since I think that would be super dope if done properly. But I think pants would be a good next step or cool denim jackets. But that stuff takes time so I'm trying to schedule everything.

Do you see yourself doing fashions stuff in future?

Victoria: Oh absolutely. I don’t know exactly in what direction but ideally I’d like Fewocious to be known as a gallery but also for fashion and the change it brought. Everything is just so time consuming so it’s hard to figure out what to focus on.

You design both digitally and by hand correct?

Victoria: Correct.

What’s your favorite artistic medium?

Victoria: I’d say it depends on what I’m trying to do. Sometimes when I’m really emotional and trying to get my feelings out digital is the easiest to do since I don't have to worry about making a mess and can just express myself. But I'm really hyper and like to move, so painting on an actual canvas gets that movement and flow out. But it depends on if I’m tired, what I wanna do, and how much time I wanna spend.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made to date?

Victoria: That’s a good question. I don’t know the proper titles since I put long titles for everything. But I believe it’s called, “I sent 894 love letters to the boy on sunshine street, but he threw them all away.” That’s my favorite piece. I know I make good art, but that was the first piece where I knew I wasn't bad.

What made you start displaying your creative process via Youtube?

Victoria: I just think that stuff is so cool. Like I said I watched that one Youtube video of that guy painting shoes. But most of the art Youtube videos I watch are boring. It’s just like this boring music and they’re just painting. As much as I like art I got so bored. I’m inspired by the different people on Youtube that make comedy videos or whatever. I feel like art is this little thing that people are starting to become more aware of because of guys like Takashi Murakami. I want to be there to show that art is really fun and cool and not just boring, and to show random kids or adults that they can do it too. It’s not that hard, if you want to do it put your mind to it. I want to show people how to do it too.

What do you want your Youtube channel to be when you get really big?

Victoria: I want it to be something that you can watch and at the end of the day you learn something. But I don't want it to be National Geographic where you’re bored the whole time. I want you to have fun but learn something, or maybe you don’t learn anything but you think it’s cool.

Are there any other artists, designers or brands you want to work with in the future?

Victoria: I mean I’d like to work with everyone. But anyone that gives me the opportunity. I’d say Nike, that would be ideal with shoes. I don’t know how to make that happen but that’d be pretty cool.

What should we expect to see from Fewocious next?

Victoria: Well, you can expect the hoodies and the shirts. But in the grand scheme of things I’d say I don’t know. I'm trying to make this powerful statement but can't think of anything powerful. Just expect art, my art, sharing peoples art, and fun. That’s what it’s all about. That sounds pretty lame but it’s true.

Where do you want Fewocious to be by the end of the year?

Victoria: I don’t know. It’s so hard because I’m so young you know. I’m 16 years old so it’s hard to picture everything because of high school. I’m in algebra but I’m also trying to do this whole business thing. I don’t know. I feel like now obviously I want to grow and get my name out there more. Once I graduate and everything I have a concrete idea of what I wanna do. But for now it’s just getting my name out there.

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