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Spreading The Message Worldwide

Exodus is clothing brand based out of Thailand that's teaching the world philosophical ideas through their clothes. We spoke with the founder Nicky about his experience being born in New York and spending most of his life in Thailand where he started Exodus earlier this year, to now gearing up for his upcoming Fall/Winter release. In addition, we also spoke about the inspiration behind the pieces on his upcoming release, his plans to experiment with jewelry, and his goal to continue sharing his message with people wearing his clothes across the world.

Where are you from?

Nicky: I’m Swiss, English, and Thai and I was born in New York. I left New York at a young age and lived most of my life in Thailand, but I would always visit Switzerland and the US during summers. However, Thailand is truly the place I can call home.

When did you start Exodus?

Nicky: I started Exodus January 24th, 2019 on the same day as my birthday.

How did you come up with the name?

Nicky: It is quite a funny story. My friends were at my house on my birthday and I asked them to help me think of ideas for a clothing brand name. They all started pitching ideas, and my one friend Fluky suggested I use the name of the tattoo Lil Peep has on his back that says Exodus. Lil Peep was one of my favorite rappers at the time, and after hearing Exodus the name just stuck. The funny thing is that Peeps tattoo on his back didn’t actually say Exodus, it said something else like “exes” or something. I'm not really sure what it said I just know it's not Exodus. So my friend pitching that name was just fate I guess. Before I knew it, the website was up and everyone at school knew about the brand and Exodus blossomed.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Nicky: Throughout my life in Thailand, all my friends and kids at my school would wear Stussy, Huf, Supreme, Thrasher, Chinatown Market, and brands like that. I started finding my own sense of fashion throughout high school. The one thing that always made me mad was how Supreme and all these big brands had such crazy prices, and I wanted to create a brand that made good shit but with affordable prices. I wanted streetwear to be affordable for all people, and I think that’s only fair to everyone. Everyone should have the opportunity to explore their fashion sense but not have to spend crazy sums of money to do so.

Were you always interested in fashion growing up?

Nicky: I'd say I got more into it in high school. That’s when I started finding my own fashion sense and discovering newer brands that I liked.

Talk about your upcoming Fall/Winter drop. When is it releasing?

Nicky: Exodus is now changing since we have a small team running it. Shoutout to Matvey and Ernestas. Our new fall-winter drop is showing off the new us, were switching completely to wholesale and no longer using print on demand. We used to print on demand to start off to see what people would have liked, but it's now time for us to change that and make better quality clothing for an affordable price. Our website is being completely revamped and we're releasing stuff in limited quantities. The fall-winter drop will be out September 28th.

What was the inspiration behind the pieces on that drop?

Nicky: The two designs we made are minimalistic since we don’t want to go too hard on our first new drop, but we want to make something that’s simple and still looks good. The globe is our new logo, and it represents us trying to target the world. Our brand is based on philosophical messages, and the globe represents us trying to share our messages to the world. The globe tee is 3M, and it will look amazing. The second design is minimilistic and was made by our designer with the word Exodus and fall-winter collection. Everyone seemed to fuck with that design, and it was something we needed to add to our first drop.

Which piece is your favorite?

Nicky: I’d say the 3M globe logo since it’s simplistic, but the quality is fantastic.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nicky: From where we grew up and the world around us. We grew up in a small suburban area in Thailand. It was a gated community with the school being in that community. Everything was in one place and there were restaurants, 7/11s, and houses. It sounds good, but it got boring real quick. No one really ever left the area other than during holidays and summers. The place made everyone isolated since it felt like the only place on earth because no one really left. It also masked the true parts of Thailand because it felt like another country when you entered this huge gated community.

What made you want to make the “Golf Cart Jazz” T-shirts?

Nicky: In the gated community I lived in we would all drive golf carts around. Everyone had one, and we would all drive them around the compound. My friend Shafeeq took a photo of one of our golf carts, and he said I should use it in a design. This was a good idea as most people in our school would relate to the design, so we started working on it. After he edited the photo a bit and I messed around with it in photoshop we came up with "Golf Cart Jazz" and the rest is history.

What does “Golf Cart Jazz” mean?

Nicky: In our gated community we all drive around in golf carts and most of the time when we were bored we’d all drive around with our speaker and jam out to music. Some of my favorite memories of that place were in golf carts. My friend and I were trying to come up with a name and we had "Golf Cart Music" in mind, but it didn’t sound right. So then I suggested Jazz, and we settled on that.

Where did you come up with the idea for the Exodus “Sad Face” hoodie?

Nicky: It seems like in this day and age, everyone doesn’t understand that life isn’t all sad. I guess that hoodie design just represents the idea that people these days don’t understand the difference between depression and sadness. The idea was that the sad face represented that life can be hard sometimes, and the flowers were a symbol of hope. Sure life is sad sometimes but you have to experience the good and bad because that's how life is. Life isn’t one thing; it's not just happy, and it's not just sad, it's both. You experience both and throughout it you grow. That was really the main message behind the design.

Are there any other garments or accessories you want to experiment with in the future?

Nicky: Oh for sure. I definitely want to make jewelry in the future, and this is possible as I have many contacts back home in Thailand since it's a hub for jewelry. People like Asap Rocky get their jewelry made in Thailand so it's something I will take a look at in the future. I also want to make fanny packs and beanies. Pretty much anything that people want or anything that works with our designs the Exodus team will make.

Are there any other designers or brands you want to work with?

Nicky: I started talking to Sal from 8thwndr this summer, and he’s helped me out with a lot of questions I had about running a brand. He’s always there if I need help or have any questions so shoutout to him, he’s a true G. His stuff is fire, and I would definitely love to collab with him in the future for sure.

What should we expect to see from Exodus next?

Nicky: Our future drops are gonna go harder and we have a dope Halloween drop planned. For Christmas we're gonna try and go all out!

What do you want Exodus to become?

Nicky: I want Exodus to not only be a brand but a message to the world which could be interpreted by anyone regardless of their background. I want to teach the world philosophical ideas through my clothes. When you wear someone else's clothes you are wearing their message, and that's what I want Exodus to be.

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