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A Family For Eternity

ETERNAL is a clothing brand based out of Des Moines, Iowa that's been making a name for itself this year with their unique set of designs and garments. We spoke with the founder Demetrio about his experience working a roofing job last summer to help fund the brand to now collaborating with the likes of Hard Jewelry and steadily growing his community of supporters. In addition, we also spoke Demetrio about the upcoming LA popup with HJ, what we should expect to see from his "Atonement" collection, and his plans to continue growing the brand and inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Where are you from?

Demetrio: My dad is from Puerto Rico and my mom is from Nicaragua so I’m latino, but I grew in in Des Moines, Iowa and I'm still here.

When did you start Eternal?

Demetrio: I started Eternal November 2nd of 2017 but it just me selling pieces at school it wasn’t anything serious. Going into 2018 I started working harder but I wasn’t fully focused on it because I was working another job to make enough to keep producing shirts to sell but there wasn’t any hype around the name Eternal at the time. I was just a kid who sold shirts at school. During the summer of 2018 I did roofing which had decent pay and with that money I was able to connect myself with a manufacturer who could print my clothes. September was officially the first time I dropped a full collection and sold online instead of in school. This is really my first year marketing on Instagram, selling online, and making quality artwear.

Where does the name come from?

Demetrio: The name Eternal comes from reading the book of Mormon and the Bible. It was either gonna be Eternal or Illicit but I chose Eternal as the brand name because it just stood out and was fascinating to me. There’s deeper meaning to Eternal and what it represents.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Demetrio: Growing up I always wore Jordan or Nike from like 6th grade through 10th grade. Eventually I realized that I didn’t want to dress like the rest of the dudes that went to my school so I started my own brand. I wanted to wear that I created and that’s really why I started my brand. I also wanted to stop spending money on clothes.

Was art a big part of your life growing up?

Demetrio: Not really. My dad draws really well and my little brother Jovani followed his steps in drawing and that type of art. But for me I wasn’t focused on art growing up. I fell in love with Basketball and at age 8 I decided I wanted to go to the NBA, so from then on I was spending 4+ hours at the YMCA. It wasn’t until I started my brand that my mind and my way of thinking was opened up and the creative juices started flowing. It took me a year to find out what I really wanted to put out and the art I wanted to go along with Eternal. I’m still working on being more creative and unlocking my true potential. I’m not even an artist, I'd consider myself more of a visionary in that I can see messages behind every design and the type of clothing it should go on.

How did you start building the initial buzz around the brand?

Demetrio: I think what really started it was collabing with Hard Jewelry and constantly working to release new stuff every month. The Buzz I have right now is because every piece I put out has a meaning to it. Every drop has a purpose. Clothing without a purpose is dead. Yeah your designs may be cool, and you might have some rapper wearing it, but that’s not really gonna help you create buzz if there’s no purpose behind the design or the clothing brand. Trust me, the best drops are yet to come. Eternal is overlooked but the real ones see me putting in work and it’s only a matter of time before you see Eternal blow up. The next drop is gonna sell out and you heard it here first on the AVNT interview no cap.

Where did you get the idea to make the Eternal “Anime Girl” shirts you recently released?

Demetrio: I was watching Gun Gale online and I thought why not put some anime girls gun toting on a shirt for fun, so I did. That was the only drop I really did without putting much of a message behind it. It was really just for fun since everyone was wanting colorful items. That’s pretty much it. The drop was slept on but it was one of my favorites.

Has anime had a big influence on your work?

Demetrio: Yes, anime has been such a blessing to me. It's really inspired me and helped me create new things. Anime is life, if you don’t watch anime then I can’t be friends with you.

Talk about the pink hoodies you just dropped. What made you want to make those?

Demetrio: Like I said before, I really had never dropped bright colors before so I decided to make the hoodie pink and it really stood out so I ran with it. That drop was just pure fun.

You’ve used pink & purple a lot to accent your pieces in the past as well. What appeals to you about those colors?

Demetrio: I really haven’t used pink ever other than with the last hoodie I dropped, but purple and green are my favorite color combo. It just goes hard and I only put out what I think is good so purple has been a big color that I've used in my past work. More colorways are on the way. Most of my clothes have been black but that’s going to start changing.

What made you want to design the Eternal Sandals and the Eternal backpack that you previewed earlier this Summer?

Demetrio: The backpack was just a sample that I got done. I dropped out of high school half way through junior year to really focus on the brand, and I was really just done with school and that environment so I did a giveaway with the backpack and someone got blessed with it. I had been wanting to do the sandals since January but I didn’t know how to find a supplier so I just dropped the idea. But then I saw other brands selling the same style sandals I wanted to make so that motivated me to find a supplier who could make them. I hit up around 100 suppliers who all said no to the quantity I wanted but then I found someone that was willing to do it and I got a sample and they came out perfect. I have a new supplier that's helping me release quality suicoke sandals on August 16th. The way I wanted Eternal printed on them was tricky but I decided to use airbrush and they came out beautiful.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made so far?

Demetrio: My favorite piece is the cropped Eternal hoodie with rhinestones that's dropping August 16th. The whole collection is insane but I also have some stuff in the works that's gonna be crazy. My favorite piece always changes though. Just stay tuned to the stuff that’s releasing soon.

Are there any other garments or accessories you want to experiment with in the future?

Demetrio: Right now I'm working on making cargo pants, but other things will be shown soon. I don’t want to say too much.

You also collabed with Hard Jewelry on some HJ x Eternal hoodies in the past, correct?

Demetrio: Yeah we did a collab where we dropped hoodies and beanies.

How did that collab happen?

Demetrio: I originally hit Will up asking how to ship my products because my first drop was going live in a week and I was stressing about how to ship and he told me how. I guess he checked out my brand and saw a tee I was dropping and he really liked it and bought one. Then we started talking about other things and all of a sudden he said we should collab. I was so shocked at that moment, I was at school and he called me so I left halfway through class and talked about it with him. It took about a month and a half to actually drop the items but since then it’s been history.

What makes you want to work with another brand or designer?

Demetrio: Their products and how they are as a person. I’m not gonna collab with just anyone. If they like my products and I like theirs and we have a genuine connection then we can make it happen. That’s how it worked with Will. I really do mess with anyone who’s chasing their dreams but I just have to genuinely connect with you as a person.

You guys are gonna be working together again at the LA popup here in the next month, correct?

Demetrio: Yeah we have some stuff in the works. The popup will be insane.

What should we expect to see from Eternal at that event?

Demetrio: I don't know if Will is okay with me leaking it but oh well, we’re dropping a 3M collab hoodie that we released a long time ago. I’m not gonna have anything at the popup as of now but that might change.

Should we expect to see more Eternal popups in the future?

Demetrio: Most definitely. But I want to get bigger first and get my name out there as much as I can.

Are there any other brands or designers you’d like to work with?

Demetrio: Yeah I want to work with Worldwide youth, Hard jewelry again, and Siberia Hills.

What should we expect to see from Eternal next?

Demetrio: The Atonement Collection that releases August 16th. That's gonna be the best drop from Eternal ever, the pieces are insane. I need everyone to check it out. This drop can’t be slept on.

What do you want Eternal to be at the end of the day?

Demetrio: I want Eternal to be an everlasting brand, just like the word Eternal. I want my story to inspire others so that they can achieve their dreams. I want my pure thoughts translated into art and I want people to wear it if they connect with it. I want to teach God’s message through my clothes and bring light to the work he did and is doing every day. I wouldn’t be here without his help so I feel like it's my duty to show people his gospel and his teaching of truth. Thank you for this opportunity AVNT, this was a blessing.

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