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It's Nothing Personal

Blazzy is a graphical and physical designer born and raised in Los Angeles that's become one of the most coveted designers in the underground. We spoke with Blazzy about his upcoming collection "Nothing Personal" and his journey over the past few years that's led him to become one of the most creative, unpredictable minds in fashion today. Blazzy also spoke about with us about his freestyle-creative process, his work with a number of other brands and musicians, and how he plans to continue to expand his creative potential through new mediums and his contributions to the culture.

Where are you from?

Blazzy: Los Angeles born and raised.

What’s your background in design and fashion?

Blazzy: No traditional background in fashion. I started getting my name around a few years ago with cover art and flyers. That transcended to full time clothing design.

When did you start designing under the name Blazzy?

Blazzy: Late 2016.

What made you want to start designing clothing and accessories?

Blazzy: I went to Dallas Texas in the summer of 2017 and met so many creative people. I had never met anyone prior to that trip who did anything related to clothes. People love to fetishize Los Angeles as being a home of easy opportunities. When the reality of it is the Los Angeles scene is ran by people out of town. My whole life living in Los Angeles I never met anyone who can sew or apply graphics onto a shirt. So going out to Dallas opened a whole mental dimension for me.

Have you always been someone to express yourself with the way you dress and design?

Blazzy: I don’t directly dress myself to express, but I do believe we present ourselves with the intent to share our personality. I think emotions are my biggest inspiration. They drive you for the better or worse. So if I’m having a great day or a bad night it would be expressed via the design.

Let’s talk about your upcoming collection “Nothing Personal”. Why did you choose to call it that?

Blazzy: It’s my life motto. I’m so nonchalant. One day me and the homie were bouncing name ideas and the name “nothing personal” was brought and a light bulb came to my head.

Where did you get the idea for the “Nothing Personal” mirror on the collection?

Blazzy: Bars and garages.

What made you want to make that?

Blazzy: In a market that is so saturated and watered down I’m tired of making t-shirts. I feel like I already proved and accomplished what I needed to with t-shirts. I’m in the business of setting the bar and adding to the conversation.

What’s the inspiration behind the “Mental Prison” T-shirt?

Blazzy: I think we’re all eternal slaves of our decisions and memories. I just wanted a way to express it.

You have some crazy accessories coming too with the “Cross-Bone Belt” and the shades you designed. Do you enjoy making physical items and cut & sew more than doing graphical work?

Blazzy: Design will always be my passion, but I want to prove to my audience that there is way more to Blazzy than a cool hip hop tee.

What’s your favorite fashion accessory that you’ve made to date?

Blazzy: I’m working on a dart board at the moment. Stay tuned.

What’s your favorite piece on the upcoming collection?

Blazzy: That's a hard question. I have to love everything I release.

Is your design style always changing?

Blazzy: Always. Every time I start a new project my style changes by 1%.

Where did come up with the idea for the “Word Search” T-shirt you made for Chinatown Market?

Blazzy: I was sitting down at the office one day and wanted to think of ways I can make a shirt interactive. And then it came to my head. It's still one of my favorite concepts. We made a lot more but I don’t know if those will ever see the light of day.

Walk us through your creative process in general. What does it look like?

Blazzy: I freestyle about 90% of all my work. I had adhd as a kid so planning an idea in my head is nearly impossible. I always find it too compromising to pre-conceptualize a project. You end up boxing yourself creatively and not allowing new ideas to burst just for the sake of keeping a straight narrative.

What’s the craziest piece you’ve made to date?

Blazzy: Someone commissioned me to bust down a ben-10 watch.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Blazzy: Life, challenges, and emotions. I can’t look at a book and get inspired. I’ll try to go through a vintage t-shirt book on occasion but it's rare I actually leave with a reference.

You’ve done lots of design work with other brands as well such as Chinatown, Activity and Absent. How did you get linked up with them?

Blazzy: Those three in particular were all relationships founded on Twitter. It's all about being personal with people. I design because it's fun and I think that resonates online with my clients.

What makes you want to work with another brand or designer?

Blazzy: It's all about outlets and accents. I think that's the best thing about what I do. I can think of something, make it, and decide which brand it’ll make the most sense under. If I got a dark design it’ll make the most sense as a Section 8 tee. If I got a funny tongue and cheek design it’ll make sense as a Chinatown Market shirt.

Are there any other brands or designers you want to collaborate with in the future?

Blazzy: Sukami, Pleasures, and Georrge Olivier are my favorite brands at the moment.

Are there any other music artists you want to work with on merch in the future?

Blazzy: I want to work with everybody!

2018 was a big year for you. What was your favorite piece that you designed that year?

Blazzy: Looking back it’s probably the Bones AF1's. Or maybe cover art I did for Chief Keef.

Are there other garments, accessories, or mediums you want to experiment with?

Blazzy: Yeah I’m doing furniture for the next few years. I’m also getting involved with electrical engineering soon. That's something that I’m really interested in. Like how a clock is made. Or how to turn a light switch on, etc.

What should we expect to see from Blazzy next?

Blazzy: Expect the unexpected. I’m always trying to push the envelope.

What do you want to be known for at the end of the day?

Blazzy: I want to be known for my contributions in the culture. I haven’t accomplished a whole lot. But I’m always looking to do more. There's no retiring with Blazzy.

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