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Auguzt Clothing
H-Town & The Debut of The Red Water Collection

Auguzt Clothing is one of the hottest brands right now out of Houston. We spoke with the founder Josh about his highly anticipated “Red Water” collection, also known as the "Bloody Killection", that’s releasing later this year and the inspiration behind it. In addition, Josh detailed his upcoming release that includes custom Air Force 1’s, an array of styled jackets suited for any weather, and his favorite design to date, while also discussing some of his more experimental ideas and what we can expect from Auguzt in the future.

Where are you from?

Josh: Houston Texas, I live 15 - 20 minutes outside the city in Deer Park.

How is the creative scene in Houston?

Josh: Honestly it’s pretty fire. There’s not that many creatives as in brands but the whole rap / hip-hop scene is dope. Houston is pretty well known, even for the 90’s scene with guys like Mike Jones and Paul Wall.

Do you know of any other brands coming out of Houston?

Josh: Bymylonely, they’re fire. Slumpedboyz, they’re pretty fire too. Slumpedboyz and Bymylonely are about to have a little pop-up in Houston next week or something and I’ll be there. I fuck with Texas designers.

Who are some of your favorite designers in Texas?

Josh: In Dallas I like forgivemelvrd on Twitter, his name is Marcos. Also Matthew Harman (balenci).

When did you start Auguzt Clothing?

Josh: Last year in December.

What made you want to start a brand?

Josh: I was always making clothes as a kid but it wasn’t a brand, it was just making merch for artists I used to listen to. I used to make A$AP Rocky merch. Shirts would be like $20 to make and I’d put them online.

What made you go away from that and start creating your own stuff?

Josh: I was always trying something new every time. I used to want to be a Youtuber and that didn’t work out, being a rapper didn’t work out either. I wanted to make clothes but it wasn’t my full passion till I got a big following and people started liking my stuff. That’s when I knew it was meant to be and now it’s a huge passion.

Where does the name Auguzt come from?

Josh: Literally it was gonna be my rap name, but the name doesn’t always have to mean something. People can create their own meaning.

Where do you draw inspiration?

Josh: I don’t know, I guess music. I’m listening to music and just thinking, there’s never a second that I’m not thinking about it. I have notes in my phone with some crazy ass ideas, if I lose my phone and you find it you’re gonna be a millionaire. There’s so many ideas that haven’t even come out yet, there’s stuff that’s gonna be crazy.

I think the “Red Collection” that you previewed earlier this year was what introduced me to Auguzt.

Josh: I know I said I was gonna drop that in February but it’s gonna be timeless so I'm taking my time. It’ll be crazy.

What was the inspiration behind it?

My favorite color is red so I thought why not create a whole red collection. Jamming Playboi Carti also influenced it.

Do you think the reception people had to the collection really put you on the map?

Josh: Yeah for sure. That’s the first tweet that ever blew up for me when it comes to clothes. I had stuff before that did 200 or 300 likes but nothing close to 1,000. Once I made the mockups I thought if this doesn’t blow up then I need to give up, I put lots of thought and time into finding manufacturers to make that stuff. My samples are coming in soon and I’m gonna put those up on Twitter. Once it hits September and October you’ll see.

When do you think it’ll release?

Josh: Lowkey I wanna do it on Halloween, that’s my goal. I’m gonna shoot videos for it and do pictures on a Halloween themed set with blood and everything like a horror movie. Everything will be good ass quality.

One thing that stands out to me about Auguzt is the puffy jackets you design and the general variety of your pieces. What makes you wanna do that?

Josh: I feel like only having T-shirts and hoodies as a brand isn’t lame, but lowkey Supreme inspires me with their variety and accessories. Parkas, raincoats, and puffy jackets are what I’d rather do instead of T-shirts and a hoodie.

Is that stuff more difficult to produce?

Josh: Yeah for sure. My manufacturer can make it fast but I told him I want the best quality so obviously it’s gonna take a while. But like I said I’m getting samples soon and then he’s gonna start working on everything.

Talk about the Auguzt Air Force 1’s that you previewed.

Josh: Those are fire. I thought about that and I was like damn every time I wanna drop a collection I always want to do some shoes. I thought why not go all out with different colorways. Also, instead of airbrushing like last time I’m gonna hand paint these which will look better. Obviously those are Carti influenced with the butterflies on the side.

Why did you choose Air Force 1?

Josh: It’s my favorite shoe, I have a whole collection with some rare Air Force 1’s with crazy colorways. I won’t always stick to Air Force 1’s in the future but right now it’s easier for me.

When are they scheduled to release?

Josh: Next week with the big ass collection. There’s also some hidden pieces I haven’t shown yet, it’s gonna be crazy.

There's a new collection coming next week?

Josh: Yeah next week. At the latest two weeks but I’m aiming for next week.

Do you have a name for it yet?

Josh: Not yet, I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure what to do but I’ll probably name it something simple like Spring or Summer Collection.

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve designed?

Josh: This unreleased one that I haven’t shown anyone yet.

Can you give any details?

Josh: It’s a shirt with a graphic on it, but I wanna keep it secret.

When are you releasing it?

Josh: It’s coming with the new collection with shoes and other stuff.

Are there any other brands you want to work with?

Josh: Not that I have in mind, I want to work on my brand before I work with anybody else. I’m not saying I don’t fuck with other brands but you know what I mean.

How about music artists?

Josh: I have a lot. My #1 inspiration is Yachty, then I’m thinking Trippie Redd, obviously Carti, and then The Weeknd. Shoreline Mafia too.

What else should we look out for in the near future from Auguzt Clothing?

Josh: I still haven’t done rhinestone pieces so I wanna do a rhinestone collection. I don’t know if I’m late on that wave but I’d like to do a collection dedicated to that. I’m focusing on this drop and then we’ll move on to the next one.

What goals do you have for the brand by the end of the year?

Josh: Consistency, I want to drop every month starting in 2020. I also want to do this thing where if you sign up for $20 or $30 a month you get a shirt each month. So when I do drop something you can make a purchase and still get a shirt for free. I also wanna do crazy ideas, I wanna drop a cereal box that has a shirt in it, kind of like the idea of getting a toy in a cereal box. I have lots of weird ideas in my notes that I wanna do.

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