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This Designer Will Have Pieces In Your Closet Before You Know It

Antiiclimactic is a graphic designer and brand originally based out of Maryland that's been making killer designs for his own brand and many others along the way. We spoke with the founder Devin about his experience originally starting as a music producer and artist and recently transitioning to digital art where he's grown his own brand under the name Antiiclimactic and made pieces for brands such as the likes of WWY, 8thwndr, and many others that you probably already have in your closet. In addition, Devin also spoke with us about the inspiration behind his most recent drop and his designs, the influence that skateboarding has had on him, and his mission to eventually become the go-to designer for brands of all sizes.

Where are you from?

Devin: I’m from Maryland, but I’ve kind of lived all up and down the east coast.

When did you start designing under the name Antiiclimactic?

Devin: I wanna say I started around November of 2018, but I’ve had that profile since about 2016. It was originally under the name @my.art.scares.people , where I would post all of my edgy, satanic art that I knew would get people offended. I rebranded when I decided to go digital, and went under the name @directionless.compass for about a month. But didn’t see any success until I switched to @antiiclimactic.

Where does the name come from?

Devin: I used to produce music for my friends that wanted to get into the music industry. I made beats, mixed/mastered the songs, and stuff like that. I had a ton of different names that I thought sounded cool written in a notebook, just in case my music producing career popped off. This was one of them. It seemed catchy enough to use once I started doing digital art.

What made you start doing graphic design?

Devin: In all honesty, I was looking at my art page @my.art.scares.people and saw how boring it was becoming. I was a huge fan of @crimewave at the time and watched his livestreams regularly. I decided to give digital art and graphic design a shot and it just kinda went from there.

Were you always interested in art growing up?

Devin: Oh yeah, definitely. As a kid, me and my brother would draw all the time, no matter what we were drawing. He was a huge inspiration for me getting into art because I always aspired to be as good as him. In 5th grade there was a kid in my class that was definitely better than any 5th grade artist I’ve ever seen to date. And he used to comment negatively on my drawings, which only made me aspire to become better. Me and him are actually pretty cool now, and he supports my brand, and asks about updates pretty regularly.

Do you sell some of the graphic designs you make as prints?

Devin: Not normally. Most of the time when I sell a piece, it’s used for clothing, but there was one time where someone printed out my design onto a poster and framed it in his living room. He even paid 5x the normal rate I was charging at the time, which was insane to see as a small artist.

Talk about your most recent drop. What was the inspiration behind it?

Devin: Everything that I design, I design it because it looks like something I would wear. I definitely fall under the emo/goth aesthetic when it comes to my own fashion, but I love when that’s balanced with streetwear. My favorite thing about that drop is that everything was affordable. I keep my prices for antiiclimactic pieces as low as I can. I don’t care about making a profit. All I care about is seeing people in my clothes. It makes me happy.

What was the inspiration behind the Antiiclimactic black and red all-over print long sleeve you recently dropped?

Devin: I’ve always wanted to make an all-over print item. I’ve always thought they looked really cool. I never knew what kind of pattern to use though, and I’m glad I finally made one that looked decent.

What made you want to design the Anti skate decks you dropped in May?

Devin: Me and my older brother used to skate all the time when I was younger and I feel like that had a big impact on my fashion and style. I’d love to make my brand more skater oriented, and plan on dropping more boards in the future.

When did you start working with Dylan from WorldWideYouth?

Devin: I’m not quite sure. If I had to guess, I’d say I started working on designs with him in early March 2019.

Did you work with him on all the pieces from his WWY Summer Capsule?

Devin: Yeah, I make the designs for just about everything that WWY puts out since I started working with Dylan.

What was your favorite piece from that capsule?

Devin: I love the shorts! They’re probably one of my favorite items that I’ve designed. But I think the split long sleeve shirt is really cool also, it’s just a really hard piece to rock.

I know Sal from 8thwndr also said you’ve worked with him, is that correct?

Devin: Yeah, I designed the Zeus design that he put on his red and blue shirts, and he also rereleased the design on tie dye tees. It was surreal meeting him in person though. That’s my brother for life.

What other brands have you worked with?

Devin: I’ve worked with more brands than I can name. World Wide Youth is the biggest so far that I’ve worked with directly. But I have pretty big connections, and will probably be working with some bigger people soon as well.

When you choose to work with a brand, what makes you want to do so?

Devin: I’m not picky with who I work with. I keep my design prices low so that I can help any size brand put out good clothes. I’ve worked with brands at every size, even brands that are just starting.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve helped design with another brand?

Devin: The Zeus design is one of my favorites, but I also did a piece for a brand called Hellgate which turned out really well.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made to date and why?

Devin: My favorite piece is probably the horned skull and the suicide design that were in my most recent drop. I’m also really happy with how all of the designs I’ve made for @autopsyclothing turned out, especially because the brand owner and I share the same vibe; he’s such a great guy.

Are there any other garments or accessories you want to experiment with in the future?

Devin: I eventually want to make all-over hoodies, and also emboridered ski masks. Other than that, I’ve already made every garment I can think of, and if I haven’t I’m already in the process of doing so.

Are there any other brands you’d like to work with in the future?

Devin: Half Evil and Ransom for sure. I met both Jonny and Sam back in March, and they’re both really down to earth guys. Ghost Supply is definitely on the list of brands that I want to work with as well, because they’ve kept me on their radar since I was super small. I’d also love to work with more musicians. Guccihighwaters has a really nice merch line that I would love to help out with.

What should we expect from Antiiclimactic in the near future?

Devin: Lots of collabs, some more loud items, stickers with orders, giveaways, and a lot more designs.

What do you want Antiiclimactic to be in the future?

Devin: I want to eventually be a staple for everyone trying to find affordable streetwear, but I also want to have more recognition as a designer, and eventually become the go-to designer for brands of any size.

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