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The Upcoming Clothing & Skate Brand Everyone Should Be Watching
8THWNDR is a brand out of New Jersey that's skateboarding-influenced roots have been well recieved by a growing number of people in the underground community. We spoke with the founder Sal about how skateboarding influenced his taste in fashion and led him to create his own clothing label that makes everything from shirts on "how to kickflip" to fire cut and sew pieces and tie dye shirts. In addition, Sal also spoke with us about a number of his past pieces, his collaborations, and what we can expect from him in the future as he looks to build his brand into a mecca for skateboarding and fashion.

Where are you from?

Sal: I’m from a small town in New Jersey between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. I’d rather not name it because it doesn't deserve credit.

When did you start 8thWndr?

Sal: I started in August of 2017 but I wasn’t going as hard as I should have been at first. I just didn’t really know what I was doing. But I started taking it seriously at the beginning of this year in January.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

Sal: Before I had the brand I was a skater and was always interested in the skate clothes that come with the culture. Before that I was into underground music, especially Suicideboys and I saw they were rocking Superrradical so I bought a bunch in 2016. I used to listen to No Jumper interviews and that’s when I found Tyler Grosso. Seeing everything he was doing with his brand made me think I could do it too.

Where does the name 8thWndr come from?

Sal: I originally came up with it when I was mowing the lawn and trying to think of names for my brand. At first I thought there were eight wonders in the world so I was gonna name my brand "9thWndr" but I told my friend and he thought I was an idiot. It turns out there are only seven wonders so I named my brand 8thWndr.

Have you always been interested in fashion and art?

Sal: Yeah I have since I was young. I always had a thing for clothes so it’s nothing new.

What was the inspiration behind the “8 Dollar Bill” tee you designed?

Sal: For people that don’t know I drop $8 shirts every month. Back in April I was trying to decide what I was gonna drop that month. I went to go buy something at a store and pulled out a dollar bill which gave me the idea to make something with an $8 bill since I do $8 shirts. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

When did you start and what made you want to drop $8 tees each month?

Sal: In January I was learning to market and I made a New Years resolution promising myself to go as hard as I can. I came up with the idea and decided to drop $8 shirts every month. Before that I would only drop clothes every couple months. It would just be hoodies and shirts or whatever before I knew what I was doing. Now people go crazy for it.

What was the inspiration behind the all-over print 8thWndr cut and sew shorts?

Sal: All-over print has been one of my favorite things that I've seen from other brands so I always wanted to do it myself. It was my first cut and sew piece so I was sketched out to do it. Manufacturers are all overseas and most of them don’t speak English very well but once you get past that and you get the clothes in your hand it’s unreal.

Was that the first cut and sew piece you ever designed?

Sal: Yeah that was the first cut and sew piece I did. I have three more cut and sew things in production now.

What about cut and sew appeals to you?

Sal: You can literally make anything in the whole world and do it exactly how you want. You have totaly control over everything and that’s what people like. You can tailor things to the finest detail.

Do you want to continue doing cut and sew pieces in the future?

Sal: Oh definitely. I'm only getting started with the cut and sew, it’s gonna go crazy.

Talk about the 8thWndr Skateboarding collection you released. What was the inspiration behind it?

Sal: That was my favorite collection I’ve ever made. What made we want to do it was talking to my dad. I told him I really wanted to make skateboards and he said I should just do it so I decided to make a whole collection around skateboarding. That’s when I made my favorite shirt ever which is the “how to kickflip” shirt. That took at least 20 hours of designing. The pictures were all made by hand and the picture on the $8 shirt that month was me.

Does 8thWndr have a skate team?

Sal: I haven’t really reached out to any skaters as I should have but if the right ones come my way I'll definitely throw them some stuff.

How many people do you think learned to kickflip from your “how to kickflip” tees and hoodies?

Sal: Everyone.

Why out of all the tricks did you choose to make a “how to kickflip” shirt?

Sal: It’s the most eye appealing and iconic trick in skateboarding. All the other flip tricks are based around the kickflip so you can’t really learn any of them without the kickflip.

Do you ever want to design 8thWndr skate decks?

Sal: Yes that’s definitely gonna be coming.

Talk about the "Zeus tie dyes" you recently released in your Summer Capsule. What made you want to experiment with tie dye?

Sal: The Zeus was made by my homie Antiiclimactic. I got that design from him back in February and dropped some longs sleeves. It was super tight so I decided to drop some tie dyes with the same logo since they're great for summer. I dropped the “definition tee" because people always ask what 8thWndr means so I figured I’d give them a definition tee to teach them.

Have you worked with Antiiclimactic on stuff before?

Sal: I hit him up earlier this year back in January and told him I wanted to work with him. I got designs from him in February and I actually decided to drive three and a half hours to meet with him. He’s such a nice guy. Definitely a homie for life and I think he’s coming down to visit where I live.

What’s your favorite Zeus tie dye that you’ve made?

Sal: Probably either the marble one or the ice dye which is the rainbow one that looks like marble.

Are there any other brands you want to work with in the future?

Sal: When I get my numbers up and where I want to be I wanna work with Dylan. He’s the homie and I have mad respect for him. Everyone can learn a thing or two from him. My dream collab is with Dime Montréal which is a skate brand out of Montréal or Superrradical.

What should we expect to see from 8thWndr in the near future?

Sal: In July I’m probably gonna be taking it easy and releasing some all-over socks and some logo slides along with an $8 shirt which I won’t reveal yet. In August it’s my 2 year anniversary of the brand so I’m gonna be dropping cut and sew shoulder bags in two colorways. They're gonna go crazy. I’m probably gonna have some other stuff in there too that I don’t really wanna release yet. But in July the socks are gonna be crazy. I’m probably gonna do three packs of socks.

What do you want 8thWndr to be in the long run?

Sal: My long term goal is to have a store in Phili or NYC with a giant skate park in the back. I want to have my brand get to the point where I don’t have to worry about it as much. I just wanna work on the art and skate a bunch. Eventually I wanna start working with other brands and start helping other people out since a lot of people reach out to me for guidance. Honestly I'm barely even getting started. There’s so much I gotta do and I know I'm bouta leave my mark in the underground scene of clothes. I just graduated high school yesterday so I’m gonna be going hard this summer. The underground has so much more to offer to the world of clothes, music, and art because these people have to try more than the brands that are established. Take a brand like Diamond Supply Co, they could put anything on a shirt and it would sell, whereas an underground brand or an underground artist really has to pour their heart into what they’re making in order for people to fuck with it. That just makes things in the underground so much better and something you can really appreciate.

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